Computer Problem

By jinteik ·
I got a problem with a computer.

this computer cannot even install windows (98,mill,xp) on it now.i formated this computer a couple of months ago and installed windows millenium and it didnt have any problems installing it.

the hard disk has partitions on it and when ever i try to install win xp, it will surely hang on the part where it shows "Automated System Recover" which i dont even press any key on the keyboard.

the hard disk is working fine as i installed windows xp using the same hard disk on another computer..

can any one out there help me?

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by Kiltie In reply to Computer Problem

Are you trying to multi boot 98, ME and XP?
All 3?
Did you install 98 in 1 partition, ME in another and are now trying to install XP in a 3rd partition?

Home or Pro?
Install CD or recovery (ie an OEM)?
How many partitions, what sizes?
Have they been formatted first?
How are you installing XP? from CD by booting from it, or booting into one of the other two OSs first?

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How old is the computer?

by NI70 In reply to Computer Problem

And how large is the HDD? If my memory serves me corretly older systems that couldn't handle large HDDs. Have you tried flashing your BIOS? Are you trying to install on an unused partion? Or installing over the top? Need more information!

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My Computer Specs

by jinteik In reply to How old is the computer?

I am running a 1.6ghz p4, ram at 256pc133.

i am not doing dual boot,i name the rest of the OS as i was trying to install either 1 of it and all 3 OS that i name could not be installed.the XP is both xp pro and home.

the hdd size is 80gb with 2 partitions(20gb-60gb) and it is using fat32(for 98 and mill) and ntfs(xp).the hard disk is empty...i name both the partition as i tried everything i could to try to install an OS on it..

actually i tried installing it on different hard disk but it still cant work...

i install xp by the booting from the for 98 i use the bootup disk, mill using bootup cd...

not srue if my explaination is clear,but if it is not let me know please...

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by Dumphrey In reply to My Computer Specs

Are you foramting the partitiion your installing to each time? Also, Windows wants the C: partition at the beginning of the disk. You can make it work otherwise, and it will, but its easyest to just give in and put the OS at the start. I would also recomend switching out your ram and.or your cd drive (and cables).

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Windows at C

by jinteik In reply to format

all the windows that i try to install is at C: , i never use other partition to install the windows as i cant even get the thing to install...

i cant even format the hard disk, to format the hard disk, i take it out, put it as slave and format it using partition magic OR by using the normal windows format...

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Check H/W condition

by jimmy0122064 In reply to Computer Problem

Use Linux utilities to check your H/W condition

I had experienced,
fail to install Windows2000 and above because of the ALU unit in the CPU has a failure.

Check also your RAM and HDD.

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by jinteik In reply to Check H/W condition

both the hard disk is working well as i took it out and test it out in a different computer..even install windows on both that hard disk and it can run smoothly...

i formatted both the hard disk....

the cpu should be working fine as it can run..the installation stops at the part where the xp says down there press f2 for automated system recovery..

as for the other windows like 98 and mill, it stops when it says it is going to install the OS on the computer...

if i check the ram, what shall i check for??

as for the cables connected to the motherboard,it is fitted in nicely...

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by fungus-among-us In reply to Update

Use memtest86 to check your memory. Memtest should be run from a DOS boot disk. Normally, I'll use tests #5 and #8, but I think it'd serve you well to let it run all the tests (default) for at least 24 hours.... memtest86 will report any errors found.

Good Luck

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Please clarify

by Kiltie In reply to Computer Problem

Not sure what you are trying to do, but I am going to assume that you have 98, ME and two versions of XP Operating Systems on CDs.

Your objective is to install an XP installation (not dual boot) on the first partition of an 80 Gb drive, which you intend to have the OS on the first partition, 20GB in size. The 2nd partition is intended for something later, such as data or backups.

That correct?

If so, there is a simple way of doing it, and I'll post back on how to do it.

If not , please correct my assumptions.

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by jinteik In reply to Please clarify

yes i have original cds of 98,mill, xp home and xp pro.

yes i am trying to install windows xp on the hard disk..yes i did 20 for windows and 60 for backup...

i actually tried the diffrent version of windows(98 and mill) as i thought the windows xp was not working..but i was so so wrong...

i could format the hard disk when i was trying to install windows 98 on it...but once it comes to the installation, the installation just stops..

will try checking the cable and check the memory..will continue to update you guys.

thanks in advance.

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