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Computer Problems

By jameswill_nz_ ·
One of my computer has gone unstable and i cannot work out what is causing it. It runs ok normally, but when it runs games or resource demanding programs it has errors.

These errors include things such as at blue screens of death:

In games errors are like:
failure to decompress sprites
unhandled exception: access_violation (c0000005)

To begin with i thought it was a faultly ram stick. But then i found that these were common problems with nvidia video cards, i thought it might be conflicting drivers, so i updated my video card driver and no sucess. I have already reformated. Now i am thinking maybe an over heating problem.

My system is:
Gigabyte 7VAXP Ultra Motherboard
AMD Athlon XP2200+
512 vdata ddr ram
80gig WD harddrive
Winfast GeForce4 Ti4200 128mb ddr
And the OS is Win xp (thanks for the hint TheChas I had forgot to post it)

Plz Help Me

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by valis In reply to Computer Problems

first thing i'd try is either spybot or adaware to make sure your system is free of adware/spyware/scumware programs, these things are VERY problematic, things like gator, bonzaibuddy, xupiter, weatherbug, precision time, memory meter, all are spyware/adware and will fux up a system in some strange ways

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by carlos.nino In reply to Computer Problems

If what the guys in this link are right (which I suppose, for I too had similar problems), we are out of luck with Nvidia's card.

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by jschein In reply to Computer Problems

ok... any kind of error dealing with video:
nv4_disp.dll is video card drivers. Fully uninstall your current drivers and install latest drivers. Reboot, try again... If it fails again with same BSOD, download the previous version of drivers. Also ensure your microsoft updates are up to date (directx).

win32k.sys this goes with above but is also related to terminal services if you are using that.

bad_pool_caller also relates to above, it is saying you have a bad device driver.

sysaudio.sys : like the display dll error, this is corrupt or bad audio drivers. update them to latest.

PFN_LIST_CORRUPT: This error is typically caused by drivers passing bad memory descriptor lists. (probably dealing with your bad drivers for video)

page_fault and irq_less...: Usually deals with BAD SYSTEM MEMORY. If you have spares, change out yours with spares, if not, spend 40 dollars for backups / replacements.

I hope this helps you

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by dmiles In reply to Computer Problems

nv4_disp.dll "FIX" - for windows-XP
1.) Download: DirectX Version - 8.1 for Windows 98 or Windows Millennium Edition
(Me) operating system. DX81eng.exe - 12,145 Kb

You can download file at:

2.) Do a search in Registry Editor for Directx:
Go to c:\windows\system32\regedt32.exe (open this)

3.) Click, edit/find, type in directx (have all 3 boxes checked, under LOOK AT ) click

"find next", F3 to continue search
Delete only what comes up highlighted! There's a-lot of them.

4.) Go to C:\Windows\System32 Delete, DirectX and sub folder Dinput.

5.) Reboot

6.) Go to that file you downloaded DX81eng.exe - 12,145 Kb, right click, then choose

properties. Click heading "Compatibility". Check box under "Compatibility Mode" +{arrow

down for Windows 98 / Windows ME). Click apply.

7.) Now run program DX81eng.exe

Your video lock-up problems should be fixed.

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by TheChas In reply to Computer Problems

In BIOS settings, make sure that the AGP aperture is at least 128MB and preferably 256MB.

Install the DirectX 9b update from Microsoft.

Install the latest driver from nVidia's web site.

DO NOT allow Windows update to change your video driver!

Beyond that, the check for spyware is valid.


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by ivan032688 In reply to Computer Problems

I got no answer but I am having the same problems with
mine. I have like badpoolcaller and all the things you
have. I cleaninstalled windows but am having the same
problems. Please see my post

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