Computer problems after power outage

By alexoftennis ·
My computer was on during a power outage and when I turned it back on it wasn't the same...?
During the outage the power went off for about 3 seconds on for about 1 second and off for about 30 minutes, this happened when my computer was on. When the power came back up I turned on the computer and everything loaded well but when I tried to open Firefox it said there was an error. I uninstalled Firefox and reinstalled it but it still didn't work. The next day when I turned my computer on more error messages occurred. Not only did Firefox not work but Internet Explorer doesn't either, in fact most of my programs couldn't run! Including my games like Halo 2, and Age of Empires III. When turning on the computer I keep getting LogonUIexe_Bad Image and C:\Windows\sysyem32\rtutlis.dll, WFWIZ_vistaexe_Bad Image, C:\Windows\system32\avicap32.dll just to name a few. I ran a virus scan but that didn't help and now when I click on my start menu it won't open. I ran a system restore and it still didn't fix anything. It's at the point where almost nothing works and error messages pop up everywhere. I backed up my files but don't know what's next

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As much as I hate to say it....

by bart777 In reply to Computer problems after p ...

it's time to do a FORMAT C

IF the system restore didn't work your system files are in bad shape. If you have the Windows disk you could try to do a repaair install but this may not work either. Your best bet, as long as you have all of your files backed up would be to start fresh.

Sorry to have to give you abd news but this is how I would go.

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Yeah, it sounds like your hard drive got bit

by robo_dev In reply to As much as I hate to say ...

Just to rule out some other weird hardware problem, I would connect that hard drive as a secondary drive on another PC and see if the file system is intact (my guess is that it is not). Sometimes a flaky power supply or motherboard can cause weird problems.

Being connected to another PC would be a good opportunity to recover as much data as possible from your drive. If you've got some random corruption, reinstalling Windows and everything from scratch (or restoring from a full backup) are the only recourse.

If it's a Seagate or Maxtor drive, you can download free utilities from their site to do diagnostics on the drive. If the diags pass, then reformatting the drive may work. If they don't, then it's time for a new drive.

It's possible that the power outage also had a power surge or spike which damaged the delicate electronics of the hard drive. Power up/down events like you describe could also cause a head-crash, although these are less common in newer hard drives.

Maybe this is not a good time to recommend a UPS :< Good luck.

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