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Computer program for LAN schematics

By timnmb2 ·
Is there a good software program out there that I can use to make a LAN schematic? I am sure you could squeeze by with a lot of apps, but I was wondering if there is anyone paticular program for this?

Maybe even one with templates where you put in what you want and it churns out a map for you would be nice, efficiant and save a lot of time, thanks.

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Teach yourself Visio!

by areets In reply to Computer program for LAN ...

Like Tina said, 'simply the best'.

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by road-dog In reply to Teach yourself Visio!

As Network Schematics programs go, Visio is tops for ease and functionality. Further, If your're making sehematics for "higher ups" the Visio Shapes library will make you shine.

As for functional diagrams for technical use, I don't use the shapesand the drawings load and draw faster.

Visio also used to have a network component discovery frature that would interrogate network devices and create icons for them. I believe that MS killed it when they bought Visio.

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also..LAN schematics may be called

by admin In reply to Computer program for LAN ...


At least that as my best guess as to what you are looking for. Do a search on this and you'll probably get a lot of hits :)

Visio is pretty standard :)

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Think of Use

by Oldefar In reply to Computer program for LAN ...

Visio is a de facto standard for IT. Personally, I find the library images overkill and like a simple clean icon.

Considerations - to draw an existing network you want a tool with autodiscovery. To build an inventory of the devices usable with other applications, look to an autocad type system with a database module. To generate work orders based on a design, look for a tool that outputs both drawings and part lists, and has rack drawing templates. A cable inventory module is also a goodidea for work orders.

If you want a tool that will do an automated design for you, I suggest you use a VAR (value added reseller). They will probably create one in Visio, but will have an engineer determine addressing, collission domains, etc. You might want to get a response from several, since there are varying approaches and not all network engineers are adept at looking beyond the basis request.

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We're behind

by areets In reply to Computer program for LAN ...

I am not sure that I follow! Are we mixing network design with helpdesk support. By the way, Visio can perform autodiscovery using AD,SNMP, IPX and IP, so what more do we need? It also has a great list of import and export filters.

I am sure the young man is very greatful for the answers, but try not to confuse those who are still inexperience.

It is about designing IT infrastructure, software component designing, etc., yes we must examine standards before agreeing.


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by Robotech In reply to We're behind

Cisco has a free program called - Cisco Configmaker - I've used it on serveral projects and it works great. Of course, it only works for CISCO products, but the truth is does the bulk of the work.

Once I'm finished I can always save it in whatever format and add different ICONS for servers etc. I even designed a network using Configmaker and then replaced the CISCO with Linksys hardware.

N.B. Cisco has now acquired Linksys - Where do YOU want to go today? :-)

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Thanks for the answers, more??

by timnmb2 In reply to Computer program for LAN ...

More???? Okay, so I am getting greedy now, lol.

I can learn Visio and anything else, thats not the problem. The fact of the matter is that I am the President, book keeper, supervisor, sales staff, wire runner, driver, computer tech and trash picker upper umongst other various jod descriptions. I am up every night till 3 in the morning and what ever I can do to shave time would be warmly welcomed.

I guess there are not enough network engineers to make such a program, not that it would be that complicated, or maybe thats also why one was not made??

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On Linux,

by schotty In reply to Thanks for the answers, m ...

I use dia. Although previous to that discovery, I used what my IT manager used -- Excel -- and was quite happy.

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Check out these

by Oldefar In reply to Thanks for the answers, m ...

I have had success with NetFormX for doing design and for generating bills of material. Go to

TechRepublic has done articles in the past year about diagraming tools and autodiscovery. Check out the article at for some thoughts and also links to several sites. I have just downloaded the freeware package discussed and will be trying it out.

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by timnmb2 In reply to Computer program for LAN ...

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