Computer pulling bandwidth using wireless

By Aliums1515 ·
I moved into a new place and cannot directly connect my computer (no input in my room upstairs). I have a Wireless USB adapter that I have been using. When I am trying to play ANY sort of online game (fps,rts) my latency goes from 50 to over 18k and everyone using the net also expierences lag (while also playing games the game with me). Does anyone else have this problem and/or know how to fix this?

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What is your upload speed

by Slayer_ In reply to Computer pulling bandwidt ...

Try this site from your computer.
Post your results.

In my experience at online gaming, many games now need about a 1.5mbit upload minimum for smooth running, if you are getting less, that could be your problem.

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Configuration Issues

by robo_dev In reply to Computer pulling bandwidt ...

There can be lots of configuration issues that make your WLAN throughput really terrible.

For starters, what kind of adapter/router do you have?
Is security turned on?
How many people using the WLAN? (see question above :) )
What OS?
Are you getting good signal sttrength and what is your connection rate? (e.g. 11mbs or 54mbs)

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