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Computer random restarts

By luke.branagh ·
Hi everyone, I'm just asking to see if anyone has an idea what the problem is with my computer.

Basically I built in from scratch and it has run fine for a year at least. Then out of the blue the screen went black and it turned off about 3 seconds later.

It then turns on again and lasts about 5 seconds before shutting down.

The first time it happened it wouldn't start and just kept restarting, it was left overnight and still wouldn't start.

Got home from work early to bring it to the repair guys, and suprisingly it didn't shut off, it started fine. I brought it down to them and they couldn't find the problem and it run fine for them...

So got it home and it lasted a few days before it shut down and tried restarting. It seems to turn off and then after 3 attempts it gets started up again. Sometimes it runs fine for a few hours and sometimes a few mins.

I don't know where to start, the shut-offs are very random and I usually return home to find it has restarted while I was away.

Does anyone know what I should check/replace first, any help would be appreciated as this is getting very frustrating.

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by The Scummy One In reply to Computer random restarts

take it off of wall or surge protector and put it on a battery backup (UPS) system. Does the problem continue?

Likely your wall power is experiencing brownouts.

If not it could be faulty RAM, MB, power supply, etc..

Put it on the UPS first and see if there is any change.

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Check this as well

by Grey Hat Geek In reply to Computer random restarts

1. Check your computers event logs, it may tell you what the problem is

2. right click on ?My Computer? and choosing ?Properties?. Goto the ?Advanced? Tab and under ?Startup and Recovery? press the ?Settings? button.

Under the ?System Failure? box there will be a checkbox saying ?Automatically Restart?. Uncheck this box and click Ok.

Next time the system has a failure it will show the Windows error blue screen and it will have an error code, grab a piece of paper and write the code down. Then you can research it, and maybe that will help you. I would do these things before I started replacing power supply's, memory, or processors. Hope this helps.

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over heating CPU

by jdclyde In reply to Computer random restarts

first thing is go into your BIOS and see what the CPU protection is set for. It is often set to the lowest temp, but can handle going higher.

Set it up a notch.

also **** the system out good and make sure all the fans are working properly.

Had a system doing this a year ago.

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