computer randomly freezing with USB devices

By ravenkatie ·
The computer is hard freezing (the front off button will not work, must use the switch in the back) randomly, about every 30 min or so, if powered usb devices are plugged in such as an mp3 player. regular usb devices don't seem to cause a problem. I'm thinking PSU..any thoughts on how to systemically troubleshoot it for sure though?

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the dreaded "caps" problem

by brian In reply to computer randomly freezin ...

You may want to check the mobo for a problem with the capacitors, also, is it possible that it could be the os (have had it happen with usb jump drives). Another thing could be a failed controller...try a USB pci card (if you have one handy) just to see. Yes, a power supply can cause some issues like this, but if it were a psu, my gut says that you would be having the problem usb plugged in or not.

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Where it's only occuring with powered items

by Darryl~ Moderator In reply to computer randomly freezin ...

It would almost make me think that they aren't getting enough power from their power source and may be attempting to draw additional power from the USB port.

Have you tried it with just a single powered USB device plugged in (without any other USB devices plugged in, powered or not). If it works in that arrangement then I would tend to think that it is drawing additional power from the USB port & without other USB items plugged in, it's able to get enough power....if that's the case, you may have power fluctuations occuring in your building....a UPS usually solves that.

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