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Computer reboots automatically

By dearrohit ·
I have a P4 HT 3GHz. My computer reboots when i do some heavy activity. The CPU temperature goes to about 60?. I have applied Artic Silver on the CPU, but after few hours of work, the paste moves to the sides leaving very little of the paste on the surface. With a fresh application of the paste, the temperature goes to 48?. But slowly climbs to 60?.

Please help.

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Maybe a missed step?

by jefftucker In reply to Computer reboots automati ...

howdy. one thing you did not mention in your post i believe is one of the most important steps. when you apply the paste make sure that the core is clean. and then put a bit of paste on the core then with a razor, 'trowel' it onto the core so there is an even film of paste. if you apply the heat sync with just the dab of paste it will have the tendency to spread out leaving nothing. good luck.

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Done that

by dearrohit In reply to Maybe a missed step?

Hi jefftucker,

Thanks for the reply. Before applying the paste, I had visited Artic Silver website for the instructions. I did wipe off the core and the heat sink clean before applying the paste. I used my office swipe card (looks like a credit card) to apply an even film of the paste.

I would also like to add that i recently discovered the plastic stand on which the heat sink is mounted, moves about a millimeter or two up and down. Do you think that may be the reason? If yes, what do i do next.

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by jefftucker In reply to Done that

If the any part of the components are loose, it is most likely the reason. The fan runs at such a high rate that any imablance can make the components shift. Like a mal-aligned airplane propellor. I would suggest finding out why that piece is loose and if there is any way to tighten it. the cpu and the heatsink must stay in contact at all times and include a good seal. If you are not overclocking you may be able to get and use some of the heatsink tape that is included with retail processors.

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