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Computer reboots

By sridhararao_srikanti ·
My windows 2000 pro with sp4 reboots without notice.I go to the event viewer and i see a SaveDump log which states as follows:
" The computer rebooted from a bug check.The bug check was 00000001a (---).Adump was saved in C:\winnt\*.dmp"

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Virus ...

by jardinier In reply to Computer reboots

AOL Technical Support repeatedly gives a recorded message while I am waiting to be connected to an operator.

The message is: "If your computer continually reboots, it is probably infected with the "lovsan" virus.

So I would go to the website of your anti-virus service, where you will no doubt be able to get instructions on how to remove this virus.

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Iomega Drive?

by maxwell edison In reply to Computer reboots

Do you have an Iomega drive, either a zip drive, jazz drive, CD-RW, DVD, PocketZip, external hard drive, etc.? Is that assigned drive letter Z? If yes, change the drive letter to the next available, E-Drive, for example.

Iomega confirms this to be a problem with Windows 2000.

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blaster virus

by lcampbell In reply to Computer reboots

First thing you need to check is the RPC service's recovery settings.
If any of the 3 options is set to "reboot the computer" Change them to "take no action"
You definatly have the MSBlaster virus.
Go to and search for "fixblast" this tool will scan for and remove this virus from the system.
But, you have to first reset the RPC service's recovery settings, or you wont be able to stay connected to the internet long enough to download it!

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by sridhararao_srikanti In reply to Computer reboots

My system is not having any virus .Virus scan runs fine . Also recently i installed a SONY DVD DRU 510A Burner on the machine .

COULD THIS BE THE PROBLEM???????? If so how do i resolve this issue

Thanx in advance

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A couple of things

by maxwell edison In reply to

First off, try the same resolution I mentioned in the case of an Iomega drive. Don't skip any drive letters, assign it the next available drive letter. If that's not the issue.....

How much RAM do you have? If you're running at the margins, especially if any of your DVD software loads at bootup, you may want to bump it up a bit. If that's not the issue.....

You may want to look at your power supply. It may not have enough watts capacity to handle the added load.

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by Chris.. In reply to Computer reboots

You're getting BSOD's and the system is set to automatically reboot.

Go to the system properties (control pannel or right click my computer icon) go to Advanced tap, choose startup and recovery, go to system failure section, uncheck the automatically restart button. Make sure your debugging option is set to small memory dump, other wise you'll be stealing disk space for a file that on Microsoft and a few others can really read.

you'll want to do a system wide search for *.dmp. Take a count, that will tell you how many times your system has crapped out. Then delete the files.

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It's hardware related I'd bet

by klatoo In reply to Computer reboots

What you are describing is a classic power supply failure.

There are high heat cut-offs in PSU's, when they begin to wear out they pull higher amps - generating more heat - blowing out the high heat cutoff switches.

As soon as the PSU cools down a bit it will restart (or if the system recovery is set to restart after a power failure).

PSU's are cheap, and the addition of a new drive could stress out the PSU if it's old.

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PC rebooting

by xx_DIEGO_xx In reply to It's hardware related I'd ...

I'd have to agree with Klatoo here. Another thing that we have run into at work was actually that the transistors were going bad on the motherboards in a batch of IBM PCs, this was causing it to reboot all of a sudden.

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