Computer rebuild from bare bones unit

By wsharp ·
I bought a bare bones unit, preloaded with XP Pro(which is what I want to use) and I plan to modify this considerably...any particular order to do these things:
new case; new power supply; more memory; add a sata hd dr; add a video card (PCI x); add a sound card(PCI); add another dvd burner (not sata); add another hd drive (not sata); didn't come with monitor, so add new monitor. It did come with 1 sata hd; one multiport card reader; one dvd burner (sata) and did use on board video and sound.

I have built a computer from scratch before, but since I am starting with this bare bones unit and going from there, I wondered if there were some thoughts about how to go about all this.

Yes...a lot of changes and IF I had spent the grand total on the unit, it still would not be configured as I wanted, so feel this wil afford my custom setup for a budget price.
Thanks to all.

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by krayzplaya In reply to Computer rebuild from bar ...

ummm let me see im kinda familiar wit bare bone units im assumin they send everything to u but its not hooked up. in that case i would say power supply first then mother board and hook all those lil wires for the reset switch and all that good stuff which is a pain in the ***, it should be in the motherboard manuel under jumpers i think. then its just trial and error with the irq when pluggin in the cards to the mother board then settin the hard drive to master and runnin the ide the ram is easy to put in, ummmm lets see.... hook everything up and check the bios to make sure it is reading everything and u should be good to go to install xp or if it is already installed on the hard drive hopefully it will detect everything automatically with no problems just check the system/ device manager to check

hope that helps


just wonderin where did u get it from and how much did it run you?

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just wonderin

by wsharp In reply to hmmmmm??

I may not have spoken correctly. Thanks for your answer, but this bar bones is already built, loaded with OS (xp pro) and is a bar bones HP machine.
Case, keyboard, mouse, MB, sata hd (160g), sata dvd player/writer, multi-card reader and xp pro all came to 399.00. Sounded like a good jumping off point, so want to change case (need more room), need more power, adding a sata hd, adding another dvd/cd drive, adding sound card, adding video card, monitor (of course) and another hd (not sata). Hope to have this last like my last build...maybe 7 years (don't like change and if it isn't broken...don't fix it). My home computer and work computer are the two most stable units I have ever encountered, while those around me struggle daily.
Thanks, but you can see, I am not installing from scratch (which I have done), but adding a great deal to a functioning computer.

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Message Reply

by TheChas In reply to just wonderin


Got your message.

Yes, XP Pro is still tied to product activation. Only the corporate edition has freedom from activation woes.

Since this is a HP system, (also applies to most mass market systems) as you expand this systems capabilities, at some point you WILL need a larger power supply. Just make sure you by one that is rated for continuous power and not just peak power.


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by wsharp In reply to Message Reply

Thanks...got a great power supply.

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by TheChas In reply to Computer rebuild from bar ...

When you start changing out major components on a XP system, you can trigger activation events. Different devices have different weights in the activation scheme.

Your NIC, CPU, storage controller, and hard drive have significant impact here. The amount of installed RAM can also factor in.

You are allowed about 2 changes every 3 months. Adding does not count as a change.

Check out the article on activation posted at www.aumha.org


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