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    Computer Recycling for businesses


    by netwerkss ·

    OK…I know this sounds lame, but does anyone know the specifics and consequences for a business that does not recycle old technology? I mean I know that instead of throwing the old computers in the dumpster is illegal and we should take the computers to a recycling facility. But my question is if a business does not dispose of old techonology correctly what consequences does that business risk? Does every state have different rules or are they all the same? By the way I live in Texas.

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      by netwerkss ·

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      Yes it varies

      by ron_007 ·

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      I can think of 2 possible issues:

      First is that computers have various toxic materials in them, in particular the lead in CRT montiors, also some toxic elements in the Motherboard. Some jurisdictions have legislation restricting how this material is disposed of. Sending to dump is not adequate.

      Second is that if you don’t properly cleanse (or properly destroy, playing “wack a mole” isn’t good enough) the HD, you are exposing sensitive data to scavengers who “garbage pick” and recover them.

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      For San Antonio

      by finite_sa ·

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      Dell has joined with Goodwill in SA/Austin to recycle computers. Just wipe the HDD and drop it off. I had same situation about a month ago when I ran a Dell press release about the program. Tossed 5 old monitors to Goodwill – no issue at all. As soon as I dig out a few cd-rw and wipe a few drives I will be dropping a few systems off too.

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        for san antonio

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        do you know if they will accept them without the hdd’s??

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