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Computer Rental - Ciber Cafe

By wmwphl ·
Hi I live in small town in Ph, I want to start a Computer Rental Bussiness (Ciber Cafe). Can anyone give me advice on to what expect & how to avoid pitfalls of Computer Gaming rentals

i would also appreciate if you can give advice on Computer rental timer progams


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A big fat deposit

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Computer Rental - Ciber C ...
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Some thoughts

by TheChas In reply to Computer Rental - Ciber C ...

As cheap as used computers are, I find it hard to believe that there is a market for computer rentals.


Hardware, Hardware, Hardware!!!
Get a set of IDENTICAL PCs.

You need to walk a fine line between too much and not enough horsepower.

Stock up on CHEAP mice and keyboards.
Make the cost for a damaged mouse or keyboard reasonable to reduce confrontation with customers.

Work with your Microsoft rep, and get a corporate license so you don't need to worry about activation.

Create a disk image and ALWAYS wipe the drive and restore the image when a PC comes back in.

Install tamper proof seals on all removable parts.

Replace case screws with security style screws.

Use group policy to lock clients out of key folders and services.

Choose a diagnostic utility that runs from a bootable CD or thumb drive. Run the utility and printout the results at check out and check in.


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by wmwphl In reply to Some thoughts

Computer rental hear in PH is like selling pancakes, it's as hot as call centers. Kids around hear would rather skip meals at school & spend on computer rentals for network games. Anyway thanks for your comment ill take note of your advice.

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One thing....

by LiamE In reply to Thanks
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by Dr Dij In reply to One thing....

biz rental would be quite dift from consumer rental. you can charge more, and they expect more with apps loaded. these can be for movie companies or hotels for conferences, biz with temp projects, small biz that don't want in house IT, etc.

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Cyber Cafe?

by damunzy In reply to Computer Rental - Ciber C ...

From your follow-up posts it looks like you are actually talking about a cyber cafe and not renting out computers to people. A cyber cafe is where people come into your shop and rent time on a PC that you have setup on the premises. A computer rental shop is where people would come in and pay to take a computer home to use. Please correct me if I am wrong.

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by wmwphl In reply to Cyber Cafe?

Sory for the confusion cause. Cause hear in PH we call Computer Rental , we call ciber cafe those who have 20 - 30 pcs of computer implace which in my case im only planning to deploy 10 pcs at the moment

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Ok, if you are serious

by jmgarvin In reply to Computer Rental - Ciber C ...

A) Go with stateless Linux
B) Make sure you have Cedega/Point2Play with some games pre-loaded (like WoW, Lineage, Farcry, Half-Life, Counter-Strike, etc)
C) Make DAMN sure that you have identical hardware
D) Can you afford the pipe you need to run this? I would suggest at least commercial DSL if not a T1 for 30 to 40 computers
E) Make sure your wifi (if you go that route) is locked down TIGHT
F) Buy cheap keyboards and mice...also keep the cases elevated from the customers by at least an inch. So if someone spills, it doesn't go in the case.
G) Make sure your hardware is better than those at home, so they come to you.

Also answer these questions honestly (and to yourself)
Would people come to a cyber cafe?
Why would the people come to a cyber cafe?
What is value added to them?

This is a risky business, but the pay off can be huge. I would assume PH (what is that btw?) has a Small Business Administration that works with startups like you.

Good luck!

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by wmwphl In reply to Ok, if you are serious

if i install linux on my pc will i counter problems on installation of games?
BTW PH is Philippines


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Yes and no

by jmgarvin In reply to Linux

Duh! I'm an idiot...Thanks for letting me know though ;-)

Linux has some games that run native (Neverwinter Nights and Enemy Territory), but if they don't you can run cedega/Point2Play.

Check out the games database to see if it fits your needs:

You should probably stay away from ATI cards and you might have to do some tweaking once the game is installed, but all in all it is a more secure and more robust environment for a cyber cafe.

If you need advice or help (if you choose to go this route), I'm more than willing to help you out and/or blog about the issues you may encounter.

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