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    Computer Rental – Ciber Cafe


    by wmwphl ·

    Hi I live in small town in Ph, I want to start a Computer Rental Bussiness (Ciber Cafe). Can anyone give me advice on to what expect & how to avoid pitfalls of Computer Gaming rentals

    i would also appreciate if you can give advice on Computer rental timer progams


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      A big fat deposit

      by charliespencer ·

      In reply to Computer Rental – Ciber Cafe

      ‘Nuff said.

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      Some thoughts

      by thechas ·

      In reply to Computer Rental – Ciber Cafe

      As cheap as used computers are, I find it hard to believe that there is a market for computer rentals.


      Hardware, Hardware, Hardware!!!
      Get a set of IDENTICAL PCs.

      You need to walk a fine line between too much and not enough horsepower.

      Stock up on CHEAP mice and keyboards.
      Make the cost for a damaged mouse or keyboard reasonable to reduce confrontation with customers.

      Work with your Microsoft rep, and get a corporate license so you don’t need to worry about activation.

      Create a disk image and ALWAYS wipe the drive and restore the image when a PC comes back in.

      Install tamper proof seals on all removable parts.

      Replace case screws with security style screws.

      Use group policy to lock clients out of key folders and services.

      Choose a diagnostic utility that runs from a bootable CD or thumb drive. Run the utility and printout the results at check out and check in.


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        by wmwphl ·

        In reply to Some thoughts

        Computer rental hear in PH is like selling pancakes, it’s as hot as call centers. Kids around hear would rather skip meals at school & spend on computer rentals for network games. Anyway thanks for your comment ill take note of your advice.

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          One thing….

          by liame ·

          In reply to Thanks

          Its here.

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          by dr dij ·

          In reply to One thing….

          biz rental would be quite dift from consumer rental. you can charge more, and they expect more with apps loaded. these can be for movie companies or hotels for conferences, biz with temp projects, small biz that don’t want in house IT, etc.

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      Cyber Cafe?

      by damunzy ·

      In reply to Computer Rental – Ciber Cafe

      From your follow-up posts it looks like you are actually talking about a cyber cafe and not renting out computers to people. A cyber cafe is where people come into your shop and rent time on a PC that you have setup on the premises. A computer rental shop is where people would come in and pay to take a computer home to use. Please correct me if I am wrong.

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        Reply To: Computer Rental – Ciber Cafe

        by wmwphl ·

        In reply to Cyber Cafe?

        Sory for the confusion cause. Cause hear in PH we call Computer Rental , we call ciber cafe those who have 20 – 30 pcs of computer implace which in my case im only planning to deploy 10 pcs at the moment

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      Ok, if you are serious

      by jmgarvin ·

      In reply to Computer Rental – Ciber Cafe

      A) Go with stateless Linux
      B) Make sure you have Cedega/Point2Play with some games pre-loaded (like WoW, Lineage, Farcry, Half-Life, Counter-Strike, etc)
      C) Make DAMN sure that you have identical hardware
      D) Can you afford the pipe you need to run this? I would suggest at least commercial DSL if not a T1 for 30 to 40 computers
      E) Make sure your wifi (if you go that route) is locked down TIGHT
      F) Buy cheap keyboards and mice…also keep the cases elevated from the customers by at least an inch. So if someone spills, it doesn’t go in the case.
      G) Make sure your hardware is better than those at home, so they come to you.

      Also answer these questions honestly (and to yourself)
      Would people come to a cyber cafe?
      Why would the people come to a cyber cafe?
      What is value added to them?

      This is a risky business, but the pay off can be huge. I would assume PH (what is that btw?) has a Small Business Administration that works with startups like you.

      Good luck!

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        by wmwphl ·

        In reply to Ok, if you are serious

        if i install linux on my pc will i counter problems on installation of games?
        BTW PH is Philippines


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          Yes and no

          by jmgarvin ·

          In reply to Linux

          Duh! I’m an idiot…Thanks for letting me know though 😉

          Linux has some games that run native (Neverwinter Nights and Enemy Territory), but if they don’t you can run cedega/Point2Play.

          Check out the games database to see if it fits your needs:

          You should probably stay away from ATI cards and you might have to do some tweaking once the game is installed, but all in all it is a more secure and more robust environment for a cyber cafe.

          If you need advice or help (if you choose to go this route), I’m more than willing to help you out and/or blog about the issues you may encounter.

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          Linux as server

          by wmwphl ·

          In reply to Yes and no

          Alctuaally im planning to use linux as server for “Counter Strike” i heard that linux Counter Strike server is a smash with regadrs to performance. But again not sure if the Counter Strike statistics plugin will run.

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          Some will some won’t

          by jmgarvin ·

          In reply to Linux as server

          Most of the stuff is web based so it is either PHP or ASP plugged into SQL.

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      by master3bs ·

      In reply to Computer Rental – Ciber Cafe

      The best idea I can think of is to clone your hard drives before renting them out restore from the cloned image when they return. That will help you to keep them clean and in good shape despite most of what the renters will put on them

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        I didn’t read

        by master3bs ·

        In reply to Clone

        I didn’t look at the full discussion before responding; and didn’t realize you were talking about renting time.

        The linux idea is a good one. Cloning still might not be a good idea. Make sure you have a good firewall installed that is password protected.

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          Cloning still a good idea

          by jamesrl ·

          In reply to I didn’t read

          If all of your machines require the same version of OS, same drivers etc, then its much easier. You should then be able to have a “hot” spare drive on hand to swap into a PC that is having issues like viruses/OS corruption etc.

          Buy good flat CRT monitors. Most LCDs aren’t as bright nor refresh as fast as CRTs. This may change in time, but for today – go with a CRT.
          Back up your server – especially after finishing the install of a new game.

          Comfy headphones – helps alot – newer games like Battlefield 2 also use microphones for VoIP, so you might look at combo mic/headphones.

          Have a spare machine that you can plug in. Make any driver changes/software updates to that machine only. Test it thoroughly before you move those changes to all of your PCs. Some video drivers actually cause more problems than they fix, and not all new drivers work with older games.

          Keep a log somewhere safe of IP address schema, passwords, setups etc. Track your changes so you can backtrack if you need to.

          I have on occasion used these kinds of places to test a new game, especially if its more demanding than my current hardware.


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          Cloning VS Antivirus

          by wmwphl ·

          In reply to Cloning still a good idea

          One of my friend who also has the same bissuness that im trying to start suggested preparing a clone harddisk & not installing a antivirus ( cause as per his experience it only make his pc’s perform like slugs. As soon as one of his pc’s tend to perform out of the ordinary he will just remove the harddrive & out in the clone drive — Wala–
          Do you think this is a good practice?

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          with linux

          by jaqui ·

          In reply to Cloning VS Antivirus

          it’s not as much an issue.
          most linux antivirus is designed to stop windows viruses from infecting the windows machines. very few actually try to catch the heard of but never seen linux virus.
          if you go the linux route, then no antivirus needed, if not, then you would be better off to take the performance hit and have antivirus on the systems.
          some viruses infect the bios, so going without antivirus is never a good idea.

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          With Windows…

          by jamesrl ·

          In reply to Cloning VS Antivirus

          …Anti-virus is always a good idea. Unless you lock out everything except games.

          There are anti-virus programs that aren’t as resource intensive as Norton (the big pig), such as Grisoft AVG. I am a home gamer and I use it.


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          No…..Anti-virus Ar Um

          by toad464 ·

          In reply to With Windows…

          Re NoAnti-virus
          On paper good in working not so good if you decide to go that route make sure you use software to lock BOIS Ect and Important folders and incription or you won’t know what hit you all so clone idea and and backup pre new install software or games is a great idea would say if your not very good at computers and sounds like your arn’t I’d go down this way as when troble does and will happen all you need to do is re boot with the clone and bobs your uncle and make a plan for what you well do under all cercumstances and stick to it no matter what and for what its worth good luck and remember you need to put a lot of time and energy into business of any kind the first six months is the hardest.

          Thomas the Toad

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      is there a market for this in your area?

      by antuck ·

      In reply to Computer Rental – Ciber Cafe

      I’ve seen a couple of these fail in my area. The problem this was the main focus just renting the computers for gaming. You mention Ciber cafe, do you plan setting up a coffee shop?

      Personally, I would think you would want something else to draw in customers. Once they are in the shop and see the computers you may build a client base that way.

      The shop I work for had an opportunity to set up a few computers at the local gym. The gym wanted a few computers so that people could check email and stuff. They were just looking to offer something extra for thier customers. They were willing to either pay a monthly fee or pay based on the computer usage. The owner balked at the idea thinking of the other shops that had closed. The owner then called another company and set them up. I was a bit upset because I thought that was the perfect place. No rent to pay and just set up a few computers. I would have cloned the drives and when something happened, just reclone them back.

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        The ones I have seen

        by jamesrl ·

        In reply to is there a market for this in your area?

        Typically the ones I have visited in Toronto do most of their business with the gaming crowd. They keep some of the older machines around to be used to access the internet, write resumes etc. The good ones sell beverages and chocolate bars etc – gamers tend to be teenagers and need their sugar rush.

        Some also sell gaming equipment.

        The prime market is for those people who still have diallup – I assume in the Phillipines that dialup may be more prevelent than in North America. In many of the multiplayer shoot ’em ups you need low ping and low latency. I’ve noticed a great improvement in my scores when my ping is below 80ms.

        Most of these places didn’t use any fancy software – they just came around when it was time. Some did have software which gave you a few minutes warning.


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          didn’t think of dial up

          by antuck ·

          In reply to The ones I have seen

          I didn’t think about the dial up issue. You are right broadband makes a huge difference in online gaming.

          A gamer shop would be good then. You would have a good market when offering broadband access.

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      Pentium or AMD

      by wmwphl ·

      In reply to Computer Rental – Ciber Cafe

      Since i will need computers for my shop what would you recommend for pc gaming.

      Intel pc’s are expensive but way off faster than amd alike chips while AMD machines are cheaper but can match Intels speed. Majority of my user’s will only be gamers. what you think?

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        Intel Faster?

        by willcomp ·

        In reply to Pentium or AMD

        AMD Athlon 64 CPUs generally outperform equivalent Intel CPUs for gaming. Ultimate gaming CPU is Athlon 64 FX-57.

        You will need a relatively fast single core CPU, high end video card, and at least 1GB RAM. How much CPU and video horsepower will depend on your budget. Better video card will make more difference than a faster CPU.

        For good information and comparisons of different CPUs and video cards, see link below.


      • #3060012

        Your kidding with me right

        by antuck ·

        In reply to Pentium or AMD

        Intel’s are not “way off faster then AMD” AMD’s are every bit as fast as Intel’s.

        AMD, especially in the gamming corner, is the chip to go with. I use AMD all the time and haven’t had any issues with the newer chips. The 64 bit chips are realy nice.

        If you are looking to keep cost down, pick up an XP chip anything 2700 and above. These are being pushed out for the 64 but chips, but you can pick them up pretty cheap. The motherboards are also fairly inexpensive. The XP chips are solid chips and only being moved out because of the 64 bit chips.

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      Hi pow..

      by nasty_mack30 ·

      In reply to Computer Rental – Ciber Cafe

      Am pwede po. ba me mag apply sa inyo as Computer Attendant..mArunong pow me salahat. nag work na me at UST about 3 years . Mapapagkatiwalaan nyo pow me. pag dating sa trabaho , my boss kase dati, nag stop na sa shop nya .so ako nag hahanap po ngayon…. and perhour pow me nag wowork sa boss ko. ito po ung name ng shop nya pow. JZjnetcafe
      meron pow me ginawa noong website ng cafe nya ito pow am. Jonathan Nameko pow . im 17 mag 18 na pow.. willing pow mag work sa inyo ito ppow ung no., ko pow 09224831637, sana pow mabigyan nyo pow me ng work. at pag bubutihn kow..

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