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By husted ·
It's seems in order to become a certified computer technician you have to go through long months of training, six months to a year at a technical school and three more months studing for the example.

Well I found a way around that. For more info go to

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I would not give much creednce..

by LordInfidel In reply to Computer Repair and Certi ...

Hey husted... I took a look at that site.

I don't know of any computer hardware tech that makes 70k to start. (maybe if they own their own business maybe) , But not an entry level position.

Also I have never heard of them (But I did notice that your e-mail is from their domain?, what gives?)

In my experience, don't dwell too much on the certs. I personnaly look down on schools and generally do not hire people who only have been to tech school, unless they can prove to me that they can act somewhat proficient.

Same with new MCSES's who went to boot camp. They generally don't make it past my screening process.

I look for the person who is eager to learn and is willing to take responsibilty for their own learning process. Not someone who wants the information handed to them. That's not what IT is about. You have to have the ability to research, diagnose and solve a problem on your own.

Those skills can't be taught in a school or a program.

Just my insight. I'msure people will disagree.

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No Substitute

by T^2 In reply to Computer Repair and Certi ...

I went the school/work experience route. I have been in the business for 7 years now and find that there is no substitute for hands on experience. Up to 2 years experience you will probably get nervous on products you've never seen before. Some techs never get past that block. Time and attitude my friend. I was 35 when I started.

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$70K as a repair tech? I DON'T THINK SO

by davidpmartin In reply to Computer Repair and Certi ...

This website is another example of the IT training hustle - "Stick with me, sonny boy, and in 15 weeks, I'm make you a top notch computer repair tech, and YOU'LL BE RICH!!!
(Just give me $2500 a week or so...) Why just the other week, I was talkingto my A+ friend, at AT & T, who was making $70K ..."

What a bunch of CRAP!!!!

I have met so many people that are A+ certified and are still doing help desk or tier 1 support for almost less than a secretary makes, it makes me ill. And most ofthem were lured into the line because of the lure of easy money.

Don't get me wrong ... there is some GREAT money to be made in the IT industry - but you certainly won't make it as a PC technician. Someone with only an A+ and nothing else .... MIGHT top out at $40K but more than likely will only get 30-35K per year ... along with lousy work hours, no respect from users (he/she is only a PC tech - I've heard it), etc. In fact, while I could probably go in and pass my A+ test in 20 minutes -I absolutely REFUSE to do so because I don't want it showing up on my resume - ANYWHERE!

If you are going to make money in this industry, stick with the software certs - MCSE, CCNA, Solaris certs, Oracle DBA certs, etc - that's where the money is.

Bottom Line - why should I pay a A+ tech more than 30-35K a year to support my PC when I can get get a new one for $500-1000 that will last 2-3 years?

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