Computer repair centres

By james.peter ·
My company operates a computer repair centre mainly for home users. Our response and repair times are getting slower, leading to a severe drop in revenue. Has anyone any experience in this area? any advice?

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No offence - but six and a half years for your first Post ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Computer repair centres

And you're asking us about experience of getting slower?

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Thanks for your response anyway.

by james.peter In reply to No offence - but six and ...

Always been a believer in saying something when I've got something to say, not just for the sake of it. Asking for help when i need it and offering it when i think i can.

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On dropping productivity...

by CaptBilly1Eye In reply to Computer repair centres

Your question is nearly impossible to adequately answer without knowing more detailed information about your business and practices.

In order to make a proper assessment, you would need to weigh all the factors that have changed.

Has there been a reduction in the average skill level of the technicians currently making the calls (due to staff changes)?

Are technicians dispatched to jobs based on their particular skills?

Has the type of service calls changed? That is, are you doing more jobs of a different type such as installation, network implementation, general desktop troubleshooting, system recovery, etc.

What percentage of your work is done on-site and what is done in-shop?

Has your coverage territory changed?

Has the method or procedure for scheduling changed, and if so, how?

In reviewing your business history, has staffing adjusted in relation to the increase of business or lack thereof?

How do most of the service requests come in? Email, phone?

What incentives have you instituted or tried in the past to influence productivity?

What feed-back have you gotten from employees and clients?

These are the first questions I'd ask myself if I was in your situation.

The most common reasons I have seen or experienced when such a slow down occurs was one of scheduling and improper dispatching.

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repair time

by eltonpiko In reply to Computer repair centres

have try to ask you self whats causing your repair time & response to get slower is it your technician or any other reson?.you have to realise theres lots of competition out there
so what are the services your ofering your clients?
cause surely if im not geting the service im paying for i would consider some other repair center.

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Interesting Article

by Jacky Howe In reply to Computer repair centres

if you scout around you may be able to find part one.

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