Computer repairs

By Neilinoz ·
What is the best way to get help repairing computers as I find it difficult to keep up with the continuing problems that arise, I am semi retired & do computer repairs for extra income

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This Is One Place

by TheChas In reply to Computer repairs

Just visit the Q&A forum here each day and follow posts that interest you. You will learn a lot just reading about other problems.

Have a specific problem you need help with? Just post a question here and one or more of us will help out.

If you do post a question, provide as much detail as you can.

Look over the newsletters and subscribe to those that interest you.

Make sure to rate answers that help you with a thumbs up.

There are not a lot of MAC or Linux users that post to the Q&A forum here. If you need help with either of those, you might be better off at one of the forums that are more OS specific.

If there is a general area you would like to explore for information, you might consider starting a discussion.

Welcome back, and enjoy!


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Let me be so bold as to slightly correct The Master

by santeewelding In reply to This Is One Place

This is not, "one place".

This is, The Place.

Yours had to be the best answer I've seen since I came here for my own training.

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by TheChas In reply to Let me be so bold as to s ...

Thank you for the compliment.

I have been posting answers for over 9 years now.

I find the challenge helps keep my trouble-shooting skills sharp.


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What do you mean by "get help" ?

by Choppit In reply to Computer repairs
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Heresy Alert!!

by willcomp In reply to Computer repairs

As much as I like TechRepublic and the community here --- Experts Exchange is the superior of the two for your needs. Disclaimer -- I'm a member of both and a highly ranked hardware expert on EE.

I recommend participation on both sites. Each has its own strengths.

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The strength here being...

by santeewelding In reply to Heresy Alert!!
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I've been a lurker

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Heresy Alert!!

at Experts Exchange. I agree with your recommendation to spend time at both. I've had a lot of good help from those folks over the years.

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Way Back When

by TheChas In reply to Heresy Alert!!

Way back when I first started answering questions here, the Q&A forum had a note at the bottom of the page that it was powered by experts exchange.

Not sure if the 2 sites had a relationship at one time, or if they just shared tools.


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Agree with TheChas and willcomp Experts Exchange

by CG IT In reply to Heresy Alert!!

The best place to go and best place to learn at. It's subscription and not an inexpensive one. There are many benefits for that.

The experts really are experts at what they do.

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