Computer Restarting itself

By izzoh84 ·
My pc which runs on xp sp2 has this funny problem of restarting each time i ty to open a video file using jet audio and windows media player.What is funny though is that when i try to play the same file using another player like vlc there is no it a virus or a hardware problem.Please help.

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Could be almost anything here

by OH Smeg In reply to Computer Restarting itsel ...

Have you scanned for Infections?

If the system is clean then it is unlikely to be a Virus but it may well be some form of Malware. If the system was infected and then cleaned it is possible that when cleaned some damage was done to existing Files which is causing this problem.

If the system is infected you need to clean it with something that you have access to so some form of AV product and something like Malware Bytes

Spy Bot S&amp

Should be installed updated and the the system started in Safe Mode and scanned till it is either clean or you are unable to remove something from it. If it's the latter post the results back here and someone will attempt to help you clean the system.

However if the files will play with different players it is unlikely to be Hardware but you could test this with the Ultimate Boot CD available here


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Sound Problem

by Zein_82 In reply to Computer Restarting itsel ...

There are many reasons for this problem:

-Device drivers for sound card are not suitable or not installed correctly.

-Your sound card may have a feature (3D sound for example) that when activated causes your system to hang and restart.

-Your power supply is not providing enough power so that when your sound card increases power usage the system restarts (rare cases and not for built-in sound cards).

-Also, a virus can damage dll files of your sound card driver.

The most likely cause of your problem is that jet or media player are trying to use a feature provided by your device driver which when activated causes an error that forces windows to restart.

Try to update your sound drivers and be sure to use the software drivers that are writtern for your hardware.

Also, try to deactivate all sound enhancement that media player provides and check out if the pc still restarting.

Finally, may the problem is incompatibility issue between sound driver and direct sound. Because I think that VCL uses does not use direct sound but media player and jet audio do. Therefore, try to update your device driver and install latest DirectX version.

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And, don't forget....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Sound Problem

... turn off the Automatically Restart on System Failure feature of Windows itself. That way, you can see the actual BSOD when it happens. With the feature turned on, the BSOD goes by so fast you can't see that it's even there... the system just restarts.

Right click My Computer and choose Properties. Go to the Advanced tab, then down to the Settings button under System Failure.

Once you can see the BSOD, tell us what the exact wording is. All the numbers you'll see are an indication of WHAT has failed so it can be determined HOW to fix it.

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