Computer Restarts Automaticly

By ipodmesterenmedsaus ·
I was innstalling Windows Vista on my computer then the computer restarted and now it does it all the time and i don't even get past the bios what must i do to make it stop restart?

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Replace the Power Supply

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Computer Restarts Automat ...

With a good one something like a 450 W Antec will work almost anything that isn't a server and never raise a sweat.

If you are looking at the No Name PS's look for something rated to somewhere around the 600 W Capacity as these are peek values not what the unit can run at all day every day.


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by cworsley4 In reply to Computer Restarts Automat ...

hal9000 could be right but the promblem also could be the promblem. with irqs if there are two devicesthat have the same irq when they are both used at the same time then that will cause the computer to turn off automaticly. so for example if your mouse and the printer have the same irq then then when you send a print job and move you mouse the computer will turn off.this is one of my combibation. in order to fix this promblem go to the device manager and look for devices that have the same irq as one another.the only other thing that it could be would be that the power supply is not in its right state and i t need to be replaced. i hope that this help you out.

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