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    Computer restarts for no reason


    by hotrod27 ·

    We have a user who’s Dell Dimension machine running Win98 keeps restarting for no reason. It is hooked up to an APC UPS. I ran Dell diagnostics and it showed the hardware components to be in working condition. I decided to disconnect it from the UPS and run it on a surge protector. THe past 5 days it has been fine with no restarts.

    THis morning when the user came in the machine diplayed a blue screen error that stated the following: Warning! System memory is running very low. NAV auto-protect may not be able to function properly.

    Any ideas? Is the processor, power supply, motherboard, or perhaps memory module? Any help is appreciated.

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      Site layout – possible resolution

      by oz_media ·

      In reply to Computer restarts for no reason

      This website is very informative in the sense of its layout. There is a Discussion forum where people discuss topics and share ideas relating to just about everything.

      There is also a Questions and Answers forum where people with computer related errors or wierd things like flashing explorert screens can post a question and receive many answers erlated to their problem. These questions have a point value attahced to them and the person who is selected as offering the best answer is awardedthe points. (We’re still trying to figure out how to use the points).

      1) Add RAM
      2) if enough RAM in system, run spyware scan ( download ADAWARE
      3) Run virus scan AVG Free edition (

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        by riverfreight ·

        In reply to Site layout – possible resolution

        In a business where I ran in to the same problem we found that the business’s wireing was installed in an interesting manner and when the other offices and business’s went home at night the computers and lots of other stuff was left to run on batteries alone. Also when the factory across the road – its offices were downstairs in the basement started up the whole building had problems. Gee I’m not sure where to start on other war stories?


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          What the hell?

          by oz_media ·

          In reply to Also

          Sorry man , but what the hell are you talkig about.

          You haven’t addressed or answered anything for the poster?!?

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      Could be bad RAM

      by ryk ·

      In reply to Computer restarts for no reason

      A lot of times phantom re-starts are caused by too much heat in the case (open it up & clean it out – make sure fans are operable). Or it could be a bad stick of RAM. Try removing all but one stick of RAM, testing each one at a time (or do a wholesale swap of RAM if you’ve got extra.)

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      Power Suppy

      by karen.hale ·

      In reply to Computer restarts for no reason

      I too have experienced this. You should try changing out the power supply and work from there. Your mobo could be shorting. Blow it out and if the changing of the power supply doesn’t work, try switching out the mobo.

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      Need to restart Win98

      by wabbyl ·

      In reply to Computer restarts for no reason

      Well, you could be having trouble with your UPS, since it went 5 days without restarting after disconnecting the UPS, but your user should be restarting a Win98 system every day, or you can get exactly the same error message anywhere from 2-10 days after the most recent restart. Win98 is known to have memory leaks, and will absolutely fail in, I believe, 49.7 days. (Documented issue from Microsoft)

      System heat, as I have seen in other messages, can cause the problem, so a good cleaning is probably in order. Bad RAM usually causes such things within the first hour or two, because it gets about as hot as it’s going to get in that amount of time.

      However, the system can randomly restart sometimes when the Swap File is corrupted. If you restart in DOS and delete the win386.swp file, it may or may not help. I seldom worry about diagnosing an issue like this as a hardware issue without reinstalling Windows, however, because it is usually some corrupted file or other causing the problem, rather than hardware.

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        BIOS Up to Date

        by dritchie ·

        In reply to Need to restart Win98

        Agree with Ryk, it sounds like faulty memory and/or heat (ck power supply and fan operation).

        However, is the BIOS up to date?

        I’ve also seen PCs restart because of faulty keyboards or mouse??

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      Did you

      by don_c ·

      In reply to Computer restarts for no reason

      Did you here a buzzing or beepping sound when the computer restarted and then did you run the proper maintence when you unplug the ups like scandisk or defrag ….


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      Reply To: Computer restarts for no reason

      by dude846 ·

      In reply to Computer restarts for no reason

      alot of problems come from the power supply… if its an AT board- scrap everything and toss out the board and PSU- keep ram and expansion cards…

      … i have a natural hatred of at cases – and their razor edges… and the psu removal difficulty. Help Keep the AT Population to a minimal!

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      by guruofdos ·

      In reply to Computer restarts for no reason


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      My Questons…..

      by swartha ·

      In reply to Computer restarts for no reason

      Dose the fan on the back of the power supply spin?

      Is the box full of dust?

      Are all cables pulged in and secure?
      Is there a really bad case of operator error?

      If so, fix these easy problems first, as they need to be addressed anyway…

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      Computer restarts for no reason

      by dstaylor ·

      In reply to Computer restarts for no reason

      i have worked on a number of dell’s and gateways that keep doing this. almost everytime, it turns out to be a flakey power supply. Replacing it normally fixes the prob.

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        Buy a MAC!

        by lhagon ·

        In reply to Computer restarts for no reason

        If you go out and buy a MAC you won’t have any problems. Since switching to a MAC a year ago my computing experience has improved 10 fold. I never need to reboot unless installing software, I haven’t seen a single error once and it just keeps running without any performance degradation.

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          Sounds like my Win2K laptop.

          by oz_media ·

          In reply to Buy a MAC!

          I have seen more peolpe change from MAC to PC than from PC to MAC and have never regretted tha move.

          Now, if you had said Linux, I would agree with your stability points.

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      What OS?

      by lesdabney67 ·

      In reply to Computer restarts for no reason

      That would be a start.

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        Think you missed a bit Les

        by oz_media ·

        In reply to What OS?

        Post opens with:
        “We have a user who’s Dell Dimension machine running Win98 keeps restarting for no reason”

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