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computer restarts w Reg Mech & scan disc

By jorrel ·
My mother has Windows ME on an HP. Her system has been restarting out of the blue. I tried to run Registry Mechanic and it restarted about half way thru. I ran scan disc and it locked up and I had to reboot. I ran Norton Antivirus and it restarted. When she is doing anything on the computer, it just restarts.
Now I am trying to put XP on her system and when I run the program it restarts. Sometimes it says it needs a txtsetup.sif or something like that.
I have recently got the system to go thru the standard scan disc and defrag. I am trying to see if there are any Windows updates that would make any difference. It happens when she is on the internet and when she opens emails.
I have done a selective startup and unchecked everything except statemgr.
If anyone has any ideas, I could use your help.

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by Oz_Media In reply to computer restarts w Reg M ...

Well it sounds like it dies when utilizing memory, probably a dead stick of ram. IF you have more than one installed, pull them one by oneand try each one on it's own.

Ensure that the computers meets or exceeds tha Windows XP hardware complaincy list, this is the death of most upgrades.

Make sure her PC supports XP to begin with, if proprietary you will need to check HP for a BIOS update that allows support for XP.

I don't know about ME, but 2000 and XP have an autorestart on error window. You may want to see if you have this optionas it will tell the system to rebooot instead of a blue screen with your error code on it, good for determining the hardware failure.

To do this in 2K or XP you just go to CONTROL PANEL>SYSTEM>ADVANCED tab>STartUp and recovery button and uncheck reatsrt next to on system failure. I forget if MS has this feature, it's been a while. I don't THINK so, but it may.

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by ozi Eagle In reply to computer restarts w Reg M ...

Have you done a virus and ad / spy ware scan?

Try booting up in safe mode and run anti- virus software, then ad aware then spybot.

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by OTL In reply to computer restarts w Reg M ...

May want to run "cleanreg/unknown", located in C:\HP\BIN. Will get rid of unknown registry keys which can cause strange behavior.

Other options for cleanreg;
CleanReg version

CleanReg [audio | cdrom | modem | multi | net | video | unknown | zip]

Another suggestion is unplug the system and crack open the case and clean out as necessary, compressed air is the best way to "dust out" the insides.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to computer restarts w Reg M ...

i agree with ozmedia. this sounds like hardware to me also. when i have strange, intermittant problems i think: hardware. maybe not dead ram but flakey ram. or loose or unseated. processor?
i would open box on tabletop in good light. i would turn on the pc and see if all the fans spin.
if very dusty, turn off and vac out (static precautions) loose dust and air intake holes and fans and maybe the heat sinks. anything loose? if you leave power plugged and the pc off you will have poor man's static strap thru the grounded metal chassis. however, you will also have high voltage present on the motherboard even with system off so don't spit in there or drop a screw or just our luck it will short something.
how many sticks of ram are in there. can you remove half of them and see it you can get stable. if yes, put in other stick(s) and see if problem recurs. then swap in sticks until you can locate the bad boy. where they go in the slots matters, so move slowly and write down what you did as after a few reboots might get confusted. i mark the ram with a laundry marker. 1 2 3 4 and then 'g' on any i determine are good...

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