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By bhawkins4194 ·
I am in my third year in computer science, and I am wondering if I should have any certifications like Cisco CCNA. I am looking at a career in network administration. I have had an internship for the past three years with a company in their computer services department. While talking to them and some friends of the family they recommended taking CCNA if I want to do anything in networking. I was wondering if this is something I should start now studying for it and if so what do I need to start doing it. I have read that if you are a hands on learner like myself it is best to buy the routers and switches. I was looking on ebay for picking up some used ones cheep or possibly a kit with the routers ready for studying. If so what do I need will the 2610 routers work or do I need the 2620 series. I am also looking at picking up a 24 port 2900 XL switch. Does anyone have any recommendations on what I need? I know I need two routers but how much memory and what cards are needed. Also what are the best study books for the test?

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by CG IT In reply to Computer Science Student ...

if your going for a BS in Computer Science forget about networking and concentrate on Database programming and analysis. Learn Oracle. That's where the $$ are.

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DB Admin = $$$

by mbenitez In reply to naw

I agree; Look on monster.com or careerbuilder.com and check the dollar amounts.

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Cisco Certs

by jmgarvin In reply to Computer Science Student ...

You can also do the virtual labs as well. I think the CCNA books have the CD with the virtual labs on them.

Don't put yourself in the boat where you know one IOS or one flavor of switch/router. Just pick up the CCNA book and go nuts.

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