Computer screen is going bizerk and pixelated... HELP!

By razenhell ·
Last night I was playing a game on the computer, and all of a sudden the screen became pixalated and to when all I could are colorful grainy blocks all over the screen to where you couldn't see anything, eventually leading to a system beep and then a blue screen. When I stopped moving the mouse and let it stand still for a little bit it the writing on the screen started to become a little clearer. It said physical memory, but that is all I could read. I rebooted and went into the bios and the same thing happened. I could not read anything in the bios.

Also, I noticed when I booted into xp, it was clear for a minute and then did the same thing. I could see what I was doing with all the stuff going on. It had a pixalated box around the mouse pointer. When I opened my computer and control panel it kept performing a search on both. It eventually became so distorted I could not see anything. Even the HP logo on startup is getting messed up. It was jumping and had a line through it.

Is this bad memory or motherboard? It is hard to describe the screen. Hope it makes sense.

HP ZD8010 (Laptop)
ATI 128MB X600
100 GB HDD

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Is it docked?

by w2ktechman In reply to Computer screen is going ...

if so it may not be docked well, try re-docking.

Also, try an external monitor. Is it still doing it? Most likely it is the video card, which may mean the motherboard needs replacing.

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Not Docked

by razenhell In reply to Is it docked?
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Reply screen pixelation

by bubble_2005 In reply to Computer screen is going ...

Chances are your gpu pipelines over heated, and caused the pixelation. I highly doubt it is your monitor. How about connecting your computer to a different monitor firstly, and if the problem persists, more than likely it has to deal with your graphics card. You should also resort to the default drivers of your video card if you have updated recently.

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Screen shots

by razenhell In reply to Reply screen pixelation

I justed reloaded the computer last weekend. It does have the default video drivers installed from HP Drivers disc.

Here are some pics of what I am seeing. These aren't pics of my computer. Found on web.



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Your GFX card took a dump

by Snuffy09 In reply to Computer screen is going ...

sounds like your card is going to die completely soon.
Did you have it overclocked?
- maybe you can RMA it if its new
was it getting enough cool air?

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Not new.

by razenhell In reply to Your GFX card took a dump

I purchased it 2yrs ago. I have a Circuit City CityAdvantage plan that expires next month, but I think since they are bankrupt, they are not honoring it. I have to call them to find out. Unfortunately, the graphic card is integrated in the motherboard. It was staying cool, but always had a problem with it getting hot. HP just sent me a battery replacement due to a recall. I didn't change any settings on the graphic card. It is the same as it was when I purchased it.

Thank you for responding

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thats 2 strikes

by Snuffy09 In reply to Not new.

Sucks you got it from circuit city
its also a bugger that its a laptop, not so simple to just pop in a new graphics card and be on your way like on a normal PC tower.

You will probably get more help from HP than Circuit City at this point.

maybe sombody else here can help you patch it up, i never worked on the hardware of a laptop before.

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