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Computer Shut Down Problem

By deadpunker ·
I'm currently running with Windows XP Home Edition. Before hand I had Windows ME. Now my problem didn't start until I upgrade to XP. It seems that after I open about 5 programs my computer decides that it's tired of working and completely shuts down. This includes the power supply. I'm not sure if it's a short, if my computer is running hot, or if I'm not running with enough memory. Is there a solution to my problem?

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by martin.hoer In reply to Computer Shut Down Proble ...

What processor do you have? How much RAM? My guess is you are short of ram. If it ran fine with ME and you installed the new OS and did not open the case and fiddle with the insides this is where I would start. If it was a short it would not make any difference how many progs you have open. My experience has been they will lock up when running hot. To eliminate the heat possibility, take the cover off and start using it. Just make sure you keep the crumb crunchers and the pets away from it with the cover off!

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by martin.hoer In reply to

Also how much disk space do you have left? I never like running a drive that has less than 1/3 free space. It just leads to performance problems.

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by TheChas In reply to Computer Shut Down Proble ...

For XP, you realistically want at least 256MB of RAM, and at least 1GB free hard drive space.

I recommend that ALL XP users install as much RAM as they can fit / afford.

Was this un upgrade, or clean install of XP?

If an upgrade, that may be at the root of your problem.
Often when you install Windows as an upgrade, you get a few legacy files that have version conflicts.
You also can carry over bad registry keys.

Have you installed any Windows updates?

If not, start with the compatibility updates.
If your internet connection is anything but dial-up, the security updates are necessary too.


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by dkmc00 In reply to Computer Shut Down Proble ...

If this problem started to show up recently then maybe your PC is infected by the Blaster worm.
Follow the instructions from microsoft's and/or your antivirus' website.
If your PC is clean, then make sure it has sufficient virtual memory,typically 1.5/2x the size of the ram.
I have 192mb ram and my PC runs fine.

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