computer shutdown ...........

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hi guys ... i have a problem . recently i got a new computer . my specifications are ....

intel core 2 quad 2.4 GHz
asus striker extreme nvidia 680i motherboard
2 gb of transcend ddr2 ram @800mhz
500 gb western digital hard disk
320 mb of 8800 gts (driver version
running vista ultimate

when i got my computer i did not have a converter for the dvi port and hence was using my friends 8400 gs card as it supports my normal crt monitor . but the problem started when i got my converter for the graphics card 8800 gts . now the computer arbitrarily shuts down anytime without any particular reason and especially when i play games like fear in the maximum graphics mode . the computer just shuts down and after starting again does not give any error (except that of bad shutdown ). what could be the problem . i have set my bios settings to default . also mu psu is 600 w vip chrome with 22A in the +12 volt segment. could it be the fault of the psu . should i go for another psu ???

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Intermittent shutdown eh?

by jonathan_gibbons In reply to computer shutdown ....... ...

An underpowered PSU usually results in BSOD's, I'm not saying that the PSU is not the cause of the problem, but it's not high on the list.

There's a setting to restart the system instead of showing the BSOD, but if the system is actually turning off, then that rules out BSODs.

If the system worked fine with the 8400, and it shuts down with the 8800, I can well imagine it's related to the graphics.

It might be the Graphics card it's self causing the shutdown
or it might be the card's fan isn't spinning properly and over heating (the system will shutdown to prevent damaging the system, check the Graphics card temperature and the CPU temperature also)
Or (most likely) it's software related I.E. it's the game it's self (does it shutdown when playing any other game? If not, reinstall FEAR and see if it fixes it) or it's the graphics card drivers. Try uninstalling the old drivers and reinstalling the latest Drivers.

None of these are definite fixes, but it's the very best place to start.

P.S. if you're worried that it might be a PSU problem, steal a better one from a friend and see if it makes a difference.

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