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Computer shuts down.

By mrjacque ·
Have upgraded from Windows 98 SE to 2000 Pro. Half the time or more when I first power on my computer or do a reboot, if I choose to go on the 2000 system, the computer completes the Welcome Screen, then powers down the computer. I try one or 2 more times and it eventually launches normally. Tried another power supply and does the same thing. When I go on to 98, it boots normally.

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by wsiliezar In reply to Computer shuts down.

Did you upgrade from 98SE to W2K or are you doing a dual boot? If you upgraded, you should not have the option to boot into 98. I think that your installation did not complete successfully.

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by 3xp3rt In reply to Computer shuts down.

First you must delete the win98 directory and the boot files. After this you can install the Win2000 Pro.

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by mrjacque In reply to Computer shuts down.

Did not do upgrade. Did full install on a second drive. Have it that way so I can boot also on 98 to use a scanner which also will not work in 2000.

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by MattIT In reply to Computer shuts down.

Yeah, the problem is definetly with the dual boot. I'd say, if you installed 2000 on a diff. drive just yank the 98 one out of there and try booting the 2000 as the master drive. See if that works for you, if it does i would consider wiping the 98 and figuring out how to use that scanner on 2000, I'd rather have a scanner driver issue than a windows 2000 not booting issue. IMO.

Good luck.

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by w2ktechman In reply to Computer shuts down.

In win2k, if it is rebooting, there is probably an error on the boot. You can try turning off the 'Auto Reboot' feature to see if a BSOD appears for better troubleshooting. Best bet though, would be to download the system's drivers and reinstall them. Probably the chipset drivers for Win2k.
Another thing to think about is turning off power management.
Have you tried booting to Win2k in Safe Mode? Does the problem persist here also?

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by mrjacque In reply to Computer shuts down.

Does not do a reboot. Power light goes off and eventually the hard drive activity light goes off. Must switch off power to the computer at the power strip for it to boot up again. Will try turning off power management.

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