Computer shuts down by itself

By mirkeya ·
My Gateway Media center computer (Win XP) does the following:

- it boots up fine and after 2 or 5 minutes it shuts down by itself. If I try to turn it on again, it doesn't. I have to unplug it and plug it back in in order to get the power back.

- After it starts booting up again, it doesn't get any further and shuts down again.

I have tried many things (uninstalling the SW I believe caused the problem, use a different power surge, try to do F8 during the booting process, etc). The machine shuts down too fast and doesn't give me enough time to get to the configuration screen.

I've been told that it is probably the internal power of the machine.

Any suggestions?


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Sounds like a hardware issue

by -Q-240248 In reply to Computer shuts down by it ...

It could indeed be something overheating, a bad cap., or the power supply. I would try the PS first.

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Is it under warranty?

by w2ktechman In reply to Computer shuts down by it ...

If so, use it.
It does sound like HW issue, mainly I would think of MB or PS problems. Could be a switch, but unlikely. Could be RAM, or processor, but I would rule those out until the PS/MB gets checked out.

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No Warranty

by mirkeya In reply to Is it under warranty?

I don't have warranty on this PC anymore. I'll have no other choice than to take it to a computer technician. I was trying to avoid this since this PC is one of those that come with ?all in one?. I?m afraid that it could be damaged more.

Thanks a lot for all your suggestions.

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Gotta agree with the first two posts

by jmgarvin In reply to Computer shuts down by it ...

It really sounds like a bad power supply. My suggestion is to pick up a new power supply, try it out and see if that solves the problem. If it isn't that, it'll be a bad mobo (more correctly a bad capacitor on the mobo) and that'll have to be replaced.

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