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computer shuts down

By deskject ·
I have a windows PII running windows 98 that is giving me problems. I power up the pc and it begins the start up process. Usually when it gets to the window screen it shuts down. Always happens. The fan to the power supply as well as the cpu fan both are running tikk it shuts down. I removed the cpu cleaned any dust away as well as cleaned the power supply. I checked for leaking capacitors and found none. If I leave the machine for a while it will start up but then shuts down again. I can't get to the bios because it shuts down. Can someone help please..

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by Jacky Howe In reply to computer shuts down

Have you got access to another power switch? "The one that is at the front of the computer that connects to the Mobo". Alterativly take note of jumpers and remove the "power" from the board and move the "reset" to the power connector. Use the reset button to power on the PC. If this works you have a faulty switch.

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by ctrservices In reply to computer shuts down

If not the power switch...
Remove all add-on cards (except video if it has one), unplug the HD and any CD-ROM's, reboot and try to enter BIOS. If nothing, try each memory chip individually (if you have two or more) or try another known good chip. If you still can't enter BIOS, try a known good video card (disable the on-board video if it has this).

If still nothing, you could try downloading to another pc the BIOS flash program and flash the BIOS (doubtful if this would work). Probably the MB or CPU is gone if you still can't access BIOS. On a P2, unless you have access to spare parts, it might not be worth the time to track down and replace either of these.

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by jacobgin1 In reply to computer shuts down

i think its the memory that causing the problem. try changing the memory. Also the power supply can be the reason.

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by BrokenEagle In reply to computer shuts down

If none of the above solve your problem, then I'd suspect the problem is with the motherboard. If so, the the questions to ask are:
Can you get a replacement motherboard?
Is an upgraded motherboard that will fit in the case more expensive (new processor, RAM and whatever else) more expensive than a new computer?

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by glyall In reply to computer shuts down

The capacitors do not have to leak to be bad.
You only have to have one capacitor that is not flat on top to start this rebooting problem. I have seen this rebooting problem with only one capacitor bad and as many as 15 or more.
If all your capacitor are flat on top, remove your hard drive and try it in a different PC to check if the hard drive is bad.

Good Luck

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