Computer shuts off randomly but all the lights and fans stays working

By markjamesmacayan ·
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So I built my own pc a week ago but I really need help,
the problem is when I'm playing intensive games, randomly:
monitor loses signal, keyboard shuts off, headset shuts off and the system shuts off but the mouse, all lights, and fans remain working at the same time.

The only thing I could do is press the power button to shut down and start the system again.

Here is the spec:
Ryzen 5 2600
MSI B450m-A Pro max
Zotac Gtx 1660 Super OC
Avexir Core 2 Memory 2x8Gb 3200mhz
Seasonic SIII 550w Bronze(2019 edition)
AMD Wraith Stealth Stock Cooler

I have two suspects
1. The CPU has 60C temp at idle. Msi afterburner indicates that the system has a temp limit of 83C so maybe the CPU shuts off when it reaches limit temp. But when I did a stress test the CPU temp almost reaches 85C and it didn't shut off.
2. The PSU isn't enough?

Note all parts are brand new.

What do you guys think, Did anybody experienced this?
Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
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Try This!

by jessewalter375 In reply to Computer shuts off random ...

Looks a bit hot to me.
Remove the side panel of the case and see the temperature. Get the latest version of the bios.
Set your ram speed to max.
Don't overclock as it increases the temperature.

Hope this was helpful to you.

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by amirfi20 In reply to Computer shuts off random ...
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You can set the CPU Throttling in BIOS at which temp the CPU Shuts down.

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Computer shuts off random ...

You'll need to enter BIOS and make the changes there but 85C is not hot for a CPU particularly a AMD CPU which tend to run hotter than Intel CPU's doing the same thing.

Anyway CPU Throttling is common it has been on all M'Boards since Intel Core 2 CPU not sure the model of the AMD equivalent but a very long time. You need to enter BIOS and set the current Date and Time which depending on the M'Board is normally pressing the Delete Key on the Keyboard between the first sign of life on the screen and the OS beginning to load, none the less the M'Board Manual will tell you how to get into the BIOS.

These days the CPU, RAM and any HDD's should be automatically picked up so all you need do is set Fan and Temp alarms and CPU Throttling again the M'Board Manual will tell you how to do this.

However normally when the CPU gets cut back the system reboots but on this one there could be a setting in BIOS which just slows down the CPU so much that the system becomes unresponsive. Most M'Boards these days have a utility that will tell you the Temperature on various components and Fan Speeds so grab the Disc that came with the M'Board and Manual and find out which App it is and load it and run it to see what is actually happening with the system. If you have not set Fan Speeds or Temp Alarms it is possible that this is causing the problem so at the very least you'll need to check these settings and remember if you make any changes to save as you exit the BIOS.

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possibly heat issue

by NEILYOH In reply to Computer shuts off random ...

in my opinion the power supply is too small and it is getting hot causing weird problems , i would reccommend an 750watt power supply or 850watt

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