Computer shutting down

By markschu ·
Hello all. Last week my computer was shutting down and wouldn't boot again. Took it to the repair shop and he said he reseated the RAM and the hard drive was fine. Well, today it's doing it again. I called him and he said to take all the RAM out and try just one stick at a time. Is there any other advice such as a program or app I could run to check to see if my RAM is causing this? Or any other thoughts on why it is shutting down? I am running a Dell XPS 200/Dimension 8000 with Windows XP MCE 2005 and 4 sticks of 1G G-Skill memory. Thanks guys!

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Computer shutting down

by buddyglee In reply to Computer shutting down

when you unplug it all the way from the wall, wait 30 seconds and plug it back in will it start up?

Processor error (loose), over heating etc could cause the unit to shut down.

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He is right

by cain1k In reply to Computer shutting down

No he is right. If it is consistent try one stick at a time. If you stick one in and it is still causing it, change it to a different one, if that one works, move to the next, and so forth. Then take the ones that worked and stick them in two at a time, if that works move to three, and so forth.

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by balge In reply to Computer shutting down

to test memory - http://www.memtest.org/

does it shutdown and not reboot after running a while? could be overheating, BIOS may have a system monitor if you can boot into it - check fans and airways
do you get error messages/blue screen?
check Event Viewer for errors

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by markschu In reply to memtest

Thanks guys, it was overheating. I need a new PS.

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