Computer slowdowns

By ronsam44 ·
I have recently started experiencing slowdowns. It seems to take foreever to get any thing done. I have defragmented the disc. What else can I do?

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Make sure that you have a working and up to date

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Computer slowdowns

Anti Virus Product installed and that the system is regularly scanned to prevent Virus Propagation and then install some Spy Ware Utilities like Ad aware SE

Or Spy Bot S & D

Both are available fro Free download at the above links. Then Log in as Admin and install the programs then if asked reboot the machine and update to the latest definitions and then reboot into [Safe Mode and run the Spy Ware Scans.

Spy Bot is capable of picking up some software that you use so look at what it picks up and untick as required so you do not cripple any of your necessary programs.

Please Note Safe Mode doesn't mean that it's safe to download anything and browse the web it only means that it's safe to make changes to the Windows OS so don't even attempt to log onto the Internet or an Internal Network while in Safe Mode.


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by JCT21 In reply to Computer slowdowns

you can clean the regisrty heres a link to a good one i dont recomannd doing it yourself because you can cause serious problems just going in deleting keys and values

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by JCT21 In reply to Computer slowdowns

you can use a program to clean the system registry use a program unless you know what your doing because you can cause serious problem just going in deleting

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Spyware and Adware

by Teaching Information Systems In reply to Suggestion

Spyware and Adware can slow down your PC.

Try this free program spybot program

and Adware from

finally clean file off you box with

We run these program as part of PC tune as a fundraiser at my school. They speed up a PC most times.

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Most Likely Causes

by Bork Blatt In reply to Computer slowdowns

If you don't have any spyware or virus infections, the two most likely causes I can think of are:

1. Your Hard Disk Drive is almost full. Believe me, as you drop below a gigabyte of free space things will come crunching to a halt. If this is your problem, you have 2 solutions: Get a new hard drive, or delete unused programs.

2. You have several programs running in memory at once. The more programs you have runnning in the background, the less responsive your PC will be. I suggest 2 solutions for this: Get a program called "Autoruns" from the website, and have a qualified person turn off unnecessary items. Secondly, upgrade your physical memory. This will give you more boost per buck than any other upgrade you can do. If you are running Windows XP I recommend at least 512MB of memory, preferably 1GB.

Hope you get back on track!

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Delete all tempuary files

by jamesatmaisonverre In reply to Computer slowdowns

Delete all tempuary files from all temp folders.Go to my computer,right click on c:\,select properties and tools.Check now,tick all boxes and yes to all options.Reboot your machine and let the process continue.It repairs all damaged files on your system.If it is still slow,start/run and type sfc/ will need your windows disk.

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