Computer sluggishness and semi-freezing up...

By agermanaro007 ·
Can anyone shed some light on this issue? I will have one window open with no other programs running and some times my computer will freeze up. My mouse cursor still moves, but I cannot click on anything to shut the window. So, I do this, <ctrl><alt><del>, and as my task manager pops up, it unfreezes my open window, and I can minimize it or close it. Has anyone ever heard of this problem? Any comments or advice is welcome. Thanks.

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Well knowing what the Hardware and Software is would help

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Computer sluggishness and ...

But assuming it is some form of Windows open, the Task Manager and see how many Processes are running and what the CPU is doing when the system gets sluggish. You can click on the Processes Tab and then the CPU Tag several times to move the Highest CPU usage to the top with XP this requires 3 left clicks and with Vista it will open tot hat position once you have set it to that.

Just because you only have 1 Window open doesn't mean that is all that the computer is doing by default Windows loads about 40 Processes and this can be increased depending on what software you have installed. Any one of these Processes can be running and cause this to happen if it consumes a Lot of the CPU's capacity at any point in time.

This sounds like the computer is doing something in the background automatically or is scheduled that consumes a lot of the CPU's capacity at that point in time.


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Am I the only Peer seeing STRIKETHROUGH in this post?...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Computer sluggishness and ...

It's even running through the Posted: dateline.

Anyway - your AntiVirus program might be running a scheduled scan (or something similar).

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RE: Strikethrough No OM you are not the only one

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Am I the only Peer seeing ...

Seems as if the OP here opened the Strikethrough Tag and failed to close it before sending their post.


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What Title

by Jacky Howe In reply to Computer sluggishness and ...

I was trying to see if I could turn off Strikethrough from the OP. So that's what happens when you don't think that there is a title with only html. LOL you can't open it. It sort of worked for me anyway. Not anymore though since I added this text. Print preview and its all strikethrough, including the HotSpots on the right hand view.</s>

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