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Computer speakers in the Workplace

By dcd0418 ·
Well I have been challenged recently with the acquisition of computers. Currently with such competitiveness among Dell and Gateway computer vendors, computers system are sold in bargain packages. This has caused a slight dilemma for me when purchasing computers system for a workplace. Though the user may not need a modem, or sound card, or speakers to do their work it has become a challenge to manage who is going to have speakers on their desk and what is allowable use of the speakers. So I have concluded I have to establish a policy of the purchase and use of computer speakers in a workplace. I welcome comments to help me to write this policy.


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Think bigger

by James R Linn In reply to Computer speakers in the ...

I don't think its the speakers themselves that are the problem - its the added noise level that this adds to the environment. Other causes are people in cubes who use speakerphones, play radios etc.

I know most companies don't mind noise thats confined to a room - its the open area where its a problem, because different people have differing levels of tolerance for background noise.

I'd suggest involving HR and coming up with a policy.


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Bandwidth is the Issue

by jklein In reply to Think bigger

I have limited speakers whenever possible to only managers and above. Not only that but staff is not allowed to access the radio through their PC's.

You cant have each staff employee downloading 20-40k while listening to their favorite radio station over the web. Imagine the effect on bandwidth if half the staff is listening to the radio over the web. You 'll eat up a T1 right there. The less people with sound the better.

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Also- Bandwidth

by admin In reply to Think bigger

We have a lot less bandwidth to buy now that everyone doesn't have speakers.

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extra "features" on PCs

by road-dog In reply to Think bigger

Mr Linn is correct, the environmental factors involved with 50 users in a large cube farm each having different tastes in music or volume is a nightmare looking for a place to hapen.

Check HR environmantal policies and see if they cover noise. Ifthey don't, they should.

Unless these speaker sets are disabled or not installed, expect your Internet connection to become 80% Morpheus traffic.....

As to the issue of modems, they are a security violation problem a clear and compelling reason for removal. They will be used to connect to outside ISPs and bypass your firewall.

Unless removal of these components voids warranty, pull them. Be a hero and suggest selling them on Ebay. Some enterprising "frankenserver" computer shop will buy them from you.

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