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computer starts and stops in startup

By hamiltos1956 ·
All of a sudden, the computer shuts itself off. Then when I go to restart it, it will start, get to the windows page and even at varying times get to the front page ... and then SHUT DOWN. I restart it in safe mode and the problem persists. Got XP. Can I create a startup disk to do diagnositics, virus scan etc. I have norton virus running in background for constant updates but could it be a virus or hardware or ..other problem. Thoughts?

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by kh_hows In reply to computer starts and stops ...

Are using Dell Optiplex GX270? If yes then it is motherboard problem. I had face a lot of this problem at Dell Optiplex GX270 model, where the component near the Processor slot became plump.

So if you notice the component near the Processor slots have the same situation, you need to change the motherboard, to solve your problem.

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by Kiltie In reply to computer starts and stops ...

That sounds like you have the automatic restart on error activated, I always turn this off.

If you can use safe mode to get to desktop, it's in Control Panel/Systems applet/Advanced/Startup and Recovery/Settings/Automatically Restart.

But are you saying that you can't get to the Desktop (is that what you mean by "Windows page"?) even in Safe Mode?

I presube you have tried F8 during boot and selected "Last known Good configuration"

One other way out of this is to try a "Hot Re-install" of XP, a non destructive method, which preserves your data and program settings. Fred Langa has an article on this at http://tinyurl.com/hutg5

However, this may not cure the cause of the problem, but may enable you to get to a Desktop where you can start doing something about it.

The real question is: What have you done recently, just before this started? That is the most likely cause.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to computer starts and stops ...

OK a bit of basic Fault Finding here will work a treat. First try a Live Linux and boot off the CD to see if the system runs correctly if it does you have a Windows Problem that should be cured by in Inplace install of XP.

If Linux will not load there are 2 main options the first is a Bad Power Supply so try it with a Known Good One if that cures the problem you know what you have to do. If it doesn't then the next option is most likely a HDD Controller on the M'Board which means a new M'Board.

The beauty of using a Live Linux to check the operation of the system is that it runs off the CD and doesn't write anything to the HDD in the system so it's a totally Noninvasive test method. Generally you can pick up a Linux Mag with a Live Linux on the Cover CD which you can use at first but after a while of using this you may wish to go to Knoppix which is far more useful to the average Windows User as it can read the NTFS drive and make changes to it if required.


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by petremure In reply to computer starts and stops ...

As I understand, the pc just shutdowns, not restarts. It may be an overheating problem due to the fan not working properly. To avoid frying the cpu, the pc stops automatically. You might want to look into it.

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by bengtaj In reply to computer starts and stops ...

I had the same problem on a Fujitsu stationary machine during a heat wave, with temeperatures rising to 30 degrees C indoors. It was the processor shutting down automatically due to overheating. Removing the outer shell of the machine, and placing a tabletop fan in support of the processor fan solved the problem.

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by thecompgal In reply to computer starts and stops ...

Dell motheroard problem, I am currently changing out all gx270 boards for Dell. 90 percent of the ones I swap have more than 1 swelled capacitors. This is a Dell recall. (They will still send a refurb board to replace!!) After reloading make sure to turn off restart on system failure. If you want to do diagnostics, backup or virus scan, you will have to put your HDD in another computer as slave, and run it that way.

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by hkphooey In reply to computer starts and stops ...

I second the broken CPU fan theory. When certain CPUs overheat, they shut down to stop themselves from melting down.

This is consistent with the machine getting to different points in the boot up sequence before it shuts out.

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by bbwalters In reply to computer starts and stops ...

I recently went through the problem described. A previous post mentioned 'Fred Langa' solution, that's a first, it covers the safe re-installation of XP from the MS XP installation disc, without changing your default computer system. It also covers the corruption of the boot.ini file. You could try and boot up in the Recovery consul from F8. CD Minidump, and delete the *.dmp files, When up and running check out www.barret.net/xpmemorydump.html Also delete the SWAP file, or make it Zero, boot up in Zero, then close down, boot up again and change the swap file to default. It is said the swap file holds info. on crashes which affect running of XP, by carrying out this proceedure XP produces a new file.
I'm no expert but that's how I got mine up and running.

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by MagicTom In reply to computer starts and stops ...

Power supply unit is dying.

I have seen it twice on a PC, the power supply unit was not working properly. And, when that unit gives up, sometimes it damages other components in the machine. If you have access to an honest and competent shop, have the power supply checked; that unit is not very expensive and is very easy to replace.

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by suseka In reply to computer starts and stops ...

Exchange your harddisk with a known good one with OS. If this boots properly, then it is a memory or motherboard problem.

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