Computer stop printing to IP Printer

By Tscs ·
Has anyone in the last few days have there computers stop printing to a IP printer I have 3 computers doing the same thing 2 in one location and one miles away just stop printing to the network printer. I've looked for virus but none show. any help out there?

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From what info you've given

by NexS In reply to Computer stop printing to ...

It could be, literally, anything.
First, we'd need to know whether it's computers not printing to ONE specific printer(or type of printer, even), or if it's 3 computers that aren't printing to ANY printer.

You need to try and work out if any significant changes to the software or the infrastructure have been made in the past week.

Let us know.

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IP addressed printers only

by Tscs In reply to From what info you've giv ...

I have 2 Ip based printer and both are not working from these computer and nothing has changed in the last week to my system.

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Last week was M$ Patch Tuesday

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Computer stop printing to ...

So when did these systems stop working?

Have you tried rolling back to before last Tuesday and see if that makes a difference?

Where is the Printer Located connected to a Print Server or to a Hub/Switch?

if it's a Hub/Switch have you tried pulling the power tot he Hub/Switch for about 30 seconds and then plugging the power back in?

It may be something as simple as a Power Spike that scrambled the Hub.

Do these computers print to any other Printers?

Is it the same Make/Model Printer that is not working here?


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by Tscs In reply to Last week was M$ Patch Tu ...

2 of the computers are printing to a Toshiba copier workstation and just this morning a 3rd in the same office came up with the same simptons I believe the common is maybe a patch from Microsoft because the other computer is 20 miles away and have nothing in common with this office. no viruses are being found.

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Thanks for the help

by Tscs In reply to Computer stop printing to ...

Ok, I found the issue and got a resolution
if anyone comes in contact with this problem it was caused by MS patch issued on the 14th of September what it does is, it causes your firewall software to block your spooler just check your firewall setting and set your Spooler to Allow and that was that.

Thanks again

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Isn't Patch Tuesday great?

by seanferd In reply to Thanks for the help

Good work. Thanks for the pointer.

And since you can't give yourself a Thumb,

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Nice work

by NexS In reply to Thanks for the help

It might be worth mentioning which update it was, IF you know which one, specifically.
Otherwise, nice work. Thanks.

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