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By kppandey ·
This is the age of computer right now each and every one have computer. Most of the people knows how to operate the computer but how to troubleshoot? this is a problem.

Now a day so many companies provides computer support services online via the remote but who is best and cheapest for the users.

Computer has so many problems like security, operating system problems, email problems, Internet problems etc but how to troubleshoot?

To fix any computer issue related to your computer you can take help at home no need to go any computer repair shop you just get this type of services via remote or phone.

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The best support for a personal computer is to be physically there, and

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Computer Support Services

not on-line. On-line support is for corporate situations where a worst case scenario has no issue with an immediate format C: and re-image of the system.

As to at home help, I've been providing that for fifteen years, as have many other techs, but you don't get that service from companies, only individuals working for themselves.

I'd offer to help you out, but a call out from Junee to Sydney would incur some huge travel costs and need a day or two to respond - I figure a simple call would cost you around $500.00 if I had to respond from down here.

Guarantee me a good enough annual income, and I'd relocate to Sydney - but, I don't think you wish to pay me about $60,000 pa to do that.

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Is he looking for help or selling it?

by CharlieSpencer In reply to The best support for a pe ...

Based on his writing skills, I expected him to be here in South Carolina.

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