computer switch from wire to wireless

By julialo38 ·
My desktop computer using cable ADSL2+ to log on to the internet,I got external modem Netcomm NB5PLUS4, I want switch to wireless, my computer don't have a built-in WiFi, I want to know what is the best option :
1. Buy a wireless modem router or
2. Buy a wireless router

Can somebody suggest me what to buy and what brand/product is less problem ?

Thanks for the help.

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None of the Above

by robo_dev In reply to computer switch from wire ...

Buy a wireless Access Point and plug it into the NB5PLUS4. I like Netgear or Cisco. Cisco is a bit pricey for most home users, but a Netgear WPN802 goes for around $80 USD.

Alternately, if your ISP can provide you with a replacement like the NB5PLUS4W, the W meaning it has wireless, that would be your best bet. Many providers will provide you with a free swap to a wireless router from a wired-only model. It's best to just let your ISP give you a router, then there are no issues when something breaks.

Once you have the WLAN router or Access Point, the next step is to add WLAN to your desktop. Either a PCI WLAN adapter, like the Netgear WPN311 or a USB adapter like the Netgear WG111.

Here my recommendation is that a PCI adapter will be more work to install, but will work better and more reliably. USB seems to be a less perfect way to connect to the network, and you use up one of your USB ports.

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