Computer System Frozen?

By RayFoxxe ·
Alright, not sure if this is an old issue for some ITs, but this is the first time I've encountered this issue.

So we have this computer unit that's on Windows XP Pro SP3. It has been working so fine for months, but then all of a sudden, we noticed that when we start up the system or restart it, the system didn't save any changes we made from the last login. Every time we tried changing settings, background, downloading/copying/moving/deleting files, installing/uninstalling, changing settings on some programs, etc. they don't change when you restart the system. It's like everything is frozen on the system.
We know about some programs that does this, but our system doesn't have any of those freezing programs installed. We also scanned the system for viruses, malwares, adwares, spywares, trojans, worms, etc., but nothing is out of the ordinary.
Any suggestions to this problem and what may be causing it?

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Is this a Stand Alone System or part of a Domain?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Computer System Frozen?

If it's part of a Domain look at Active Directory or Group Policies for the user as the issue here.

If it's a stand alone system try scanning with a Rescue Disc for infections.


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It's part of a Workgroup not a Domain.

by RayFoxxe In reply to Computer System Frozen?

We've checked on the GPedit and there's nothing out of the ordinary there.

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Well in that case

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Computer System Frozen?

I would hit it with a Rescue Disc something like F Secure and see if it has any infections without the Windows OS running. It's the only sure way to rule out an infection.

I've also had a system with I Tunes on it do something similar and it was down to a corrupt I Tunes Installation that caused it. Not sure what corrupted I Tunes but it was a nasty one that I'm still working on.


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Back to Basics

by paul.hudson In reply to Computer System Frozen?

When I come across one of these machines in my domain, I delete all *.tmp, *.bak and ~*.* files. Then I empty all the Temp folders. I clean the PC with CleanMgr.exe and then I run Defrag.exe. That usually gets everything back to normal.

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you checked domain group policy but did you check the local

by Sue T In reply to Computer System Frozen?

group policy on that computer?

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