Computer trouble

By mustang1440 ·
My class just bought a computer for a project. It has an Asus server motherboard, 2 AMD Opteron dual core processors and 4GB of ram. We connected everything properly and everything is running, but the boot screen dosent come up. We replaced the motherboard thinking it was bad... same thing. We replaced the monitor, and hard drive, and changed the ram around... no luck. we even removed one of the cpu's. plz help (its for a mineral oil computer, but we are trying it out before we put it into the oil.)

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Power Supply and Connections

by willcomp In reply to Computer trouble

Do you have an adequate power supply and are all power connectors on motherboard powered (ATX main connector and aux connectors for CPUs)?

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A couple of things to check

by .Martin. In reply to Computer trouble

check the power supply is functioning (fan turns on) and you have enough power goin to the board.

also check the fans ect. on the motherboard to see if they spin, and any light turn on.

you also did not specify if it has integrated graphics or a dedicated graphics, if it is dedicated, test it on another computer to see if it works.

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Some of those boards

by Jacky Howe In reply to Computer trouble

require a SSI power supply (with 24-pin and 2 x 8-pin 12V plugs) EPS 12V 2.0 compliant Minimum 800W power is recommended.
If you do have an adequate power supply check the user manual for resetting the CMOS and check that there is a jumper on it. Check the manual to see if you have the memory in the right slots.
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If it is in a case backoff all of the mobo screws as it could be shorting. It is best to get them up and running on the bench before putting the mobo in a case.
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Sometimes these M'Boards

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Computer trouble

Come with the CMOS Jumper set to off to conserve the battery. When in this position generally pins 2 & 3 are shorted instead of Pins 1 & 2 the System will not start.

Knowing which M'Board is also vitally important here as some are very critical on components fitted or the way that the M'Board dis fitted. But generally speaking you need to mount the CPU Heat Sinks after you fit the M'Board and make sure that they are actually screwed into the case through the M'Board.

Also read the Manual and make sure that you are fitting the RAM Correctly as they need to be fitted to Slot 1 and so on. You also need to be sure that you are using the Correct Type or RAM which should be EEC and a Brand & Type supported by the M'Board. It may also require Matched CPU's as apposed to just grabbing 2 Identical CPU's.

Reduce it to the absolute minimum components possible that is 1 CPU 1 Stick of RAM and nothing else and try booting again. listen for any Beeps from the M'Board and tell us what is happening.

Also the Model of the M'Board is vital.


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Most dual processor boards I have seen require 2 memory chips minumum.

by 1bn0 In reply to Sometimes these M'Boards

And they MUST be inserted in the proper slots as well.

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Depends on how the Memory is arranged

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Most dual processor board ...

If it is arranged to have a Bank of RAM per CPU like the Tyan M'Boards then if you have 2 CPU's Fitted you need 2 Ram Sticks at the very least. 1 for each CPU but if you reduce the M'Board to 1 CPU adding the second RAM Stick is just a waste of time and effort as it is not being used.

However if the RAM is arranged to share the one lot between the 2 CPU's then most times you can get away with just the one stick fitted to test the function of the unit.

Of course without knowing the Make & Model of the M'Board this is all academic really.


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can you boot to a CD

by Sue T In reply to Computer trouble

and see anything on the screen? do you get anything on the screen when you turn on the computer, like press F2 to enter setup, etc.? Since you just bought the computer can't you contact the company and tell them you are having this problem? A new computer should not have this problem. Does this computer have more than one port for the monitor? If it does, try connecting the monitor to the other port.

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Onboard Graphics??

by orillasound In reply to Computer trouble

sounds like your having problems with onboard grpahics, try buying a cheap pci or agp card and try it........

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