Computer turning off and on, on its own....

By Slayer_ ·
Ok, so this is strange.

It started off two days ago, I closed a cabinet in my room, and when I stood up, my computer turned off and restarted (my computer is set to stay off in a power outage). I figured, maybe it vibrated the video card, its happened before. Ok.
So I wiggle the tower a little, no issues. Stand up, walk passed it from right to left across the front of it, and it restarts again, wtf?

It didn't occur to me yet, but ok, so I just turned it back off (held power button) and walk away. I came back to put the item back in the cabinet, walked passed the machine from right to left again and the computer started itself!
So I waited for it, got to the login screen and it froze at the login....
So I hard restarted it, froze immediately after login, hard restarted again and it was running, but suddenly now, it didn't like resolutions under 1280 x 1024, anything less and it left about 50% black space on the screen on either side (25% on the left, 25% on the right). So I rebooted, I could see the windows logo and post was getting squished. Then it booted up again and 3 seconds after logging in, the screen turned black and white!
I thought maybe my old monitor dying, so I turned on the second monitor and turned on duel view, black and white on both!

So reboot again, same problem. So I go update the video drivers. Problem solved, but it still hates the resolutions. Ok, screw it, moving on.
Last night, it shut down again while watching a movie, it would not beep at the post for the first few tries, then it fired up after I unplugged it for a bit.

Now brings me to today, when I made the real connection.
I fired it up, and walked out to change the TV channel, I came back to grab the stereo remote out of the cabinet, and when I walked passed the computer, from right to left, I heard it restart. So I stepped back, and repeated my walk, and sure enough, it restarted again the very moment I stepped on the carpet.

So I tried standing there, lifting my foot up and down, etc, nothing. Only when I walked passed it. I made sure I did not rub the case, I even tried walking passed it naked, it still restarted! Then I closed the front door on my case (One of those cases that can cover the CD drives) and walked by it, it restarted one more time, so I tried again, on my last walk through, my monitor made a click sound and the video re snapped to the edges properly again. And it has stopped restarting when I walk passed it (for now anyways). I now take the long way around my computer to avoid walking in front of it.

WTF????? Any thoughts?

I double checked, all my games that suddenly had problems with the resolution are fine again.

Here is a folder of images.
The silver computer is the one with the problem. Its ventilation is on the front, left and rear, the right side is where the board is mounted, so no fans. So I can't see there being any ventilation issues.

It has started doing it again. I have removed the filter on the power, its still doing it. But the monitor and display seem fine so far.

Confirmed that the monitor is causing some problems, I can smack it and have the edges of the screen wiggle or even snap to the sides, to the top, etc.
By keeping the door closed the restarting has stopped. I'm starting to wonder if static is affecting the reset button, the next time I am in the case I am going to unplug the reset button and see if that solves the problem.

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Gremlin in the machine stopped liking you????????

by OH Smeg In reply to Computer turning off and ...

However more likely a bad Power Connector somewhere so have you looked at the power lead s/Power Boards involved?

Could also be something that is moving when you walk past that is resting on a power switch/plug or whatever and that ripple is causing the start stop process.

Don't rule out loose wires in things like Plugs/Sockets either.


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Reponse To Answer

by Slayer_ In reply to Gremlin in the machine st ...

I tried shaking the tower and moving it, no issues. Would a bad power supply cause the display to turn black and white, and why did my walking stop bothering it when the display fixed itself?

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Reponse To Answer

by Slayer_ In reply to Gremlin in the machine st ...

Maybe I need to feed the gremlin? What do they eat?

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You don't live in a house with knob-and-tube wiring, do you?

by seanferd In reply to Computer turning off and ...

Or maybe you have an alien implant. But I'd check the wiring running to the socket to make sure that pressure on a spot in the floor isn't disrupting a circuit. I bet running the mains through a UPS would keep the computer from behaving this way, but it will eventually kill that if it is a wiring problem.

ed. - (Or a power cord under the carpet?)

Or do you, even while naked, walk around wrapped in copper wire? Maybe while shaking an iron rod?

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Reponse To Answer

by Slayer_ In reply to You don't live in a house ...

I live in a condo, the carpet effectively sits on top of cement, better not be wires under it. And I tried standing and jumping on the spot, no effect, Walking left to right didn't bother it, just right to left.

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Reponse To Answer

by seanferd In reply to You don't live in a house ...

OK - weird. Then no flexion in the floor, no old, bad wiring scheme...

Does this thing have an active IR port that can wake it? Or any other wake (like WOL) enabled?

And this doesn't occur if you walk left-to-right? I'm just trying to imagine how you could be creating induction or a signal that this (otherwise oddly behaving) machine could interpret as a wake signal. Is there a fairly powerful RF signal permeating your condo?

Truly odd.

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Reponse To Answer

by Slayer_ In reply to You don't live in a house ...

There is a very high concentration of Wifi signals, maybe that's it???

I figure the auto turn on could have been a USB splitter I had hooked up, I noticed when the machine was off the light on it was still on, and I remember reading how that can trick a power supply into thinking its time to start up.

But even unplugged, walking passed it was causing it to restart. If it was power related, I would expect the BIOS to keep the system off. I have seen a bad video card restart the system before, the black and white would indicate video card problems, but how can it be when I only walk passed it???

Maybe it's time just to replace some of the core components again, they are getting strange, time for a new mobo, video and power supply?

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The first thing that comes to my mind is....

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to Computer turning off and ...

Static from the carpet interfering with the monitor. Do a test and see (if at all possible), raise the computer above the floor and place on a woodwork table.

If the issue comes back i would suggest another power supply unit.

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Reponse To Answer

by Slayer_ In reply to The first thing that come ...

It presently sits about 8 inches off the ground, on a metal rack, and in the metal rack, the tower sits on top of a wood platform with rubber legs.
The monitor is on a solid wood desk. I proved the problem happened on the other monitor as well, which is run using HDMI, and is in the other room and is actually an HDTV.
I can provide pictures if needed. It does sit side by side with another computer, they are both plugged into the same outlet, the other machine had no issues. Both are plugged into a power filter.

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Oh Smeg's Gremlins idea sounds right... they don't like closed doors

by CG IT In reply to Computer turning off and ...

keep the door open, keep the gremlins[ mogwai ] happy...

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