computer turns itself off because of device drivers! help!

By rich_thurlow ·

Just recently my computer has sporatically been turning itself off at random times.

I always send an error report to Microsoft following these annoying instanteous shutdowns.

Every time this happens Microsoft directs me to:**-9444-555a0eb250dc
which states that there is a problem with a device driver.

However, it doesn't state which device driver I should be looking at.

Is there anyway to tell?

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Not really it all depends on the hardware involved

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to computer turns itself off ...

And the OS in use. If you have a Install of Vista it's possible to be almost any driver as most are still in the Beta Stage at best.

If you want help with this issue you'll need to list the OS in use and what hardware that you are having the problem on.


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hardware specs

by rich_thurlow In reply to Not really it all depends ...

Well I'm running on XP SP2.

The hardware that I think could possibly have the problem is:

- WDC WD800JB - 00CRA1 (Western Digital HDD)
- Radeon 9600 series (ATI Graphics Card)

But then again who knows where the problem is!

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Well it's not the 9600 Radeon

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to hardware specs

I'm using one on this particular computer without a single problem and it works quite well.

However you could try looking at something like the Ultimate Boot CD and try doing some Hardware diagnostics that may be of some assistance if there is the slightest problem with hardware it can cause all sorts of different problems.

Also look at the Power Supply as I've had a rash of them recently causing computers to hang.


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