Computer Turns Off

By CcPunk28 ·
Hey guys I hope I can figure out what is going on. I've had my computer for years and recently it has been shutting down on it's own. I ignored it for a long time because it would stay on for days and vary rarely turn off, but now it is doing it all the time and I can't get it back on unless I wait a while. The power supply fan hasn't worked for a long time but the power supply does not get hot or anything, however my sub-woofer on my new speakers gets scolding hot. Do you think it's the power supply causing this problem? If I need to put in another one from another computer does it have to be of a certain band? Thanks a lot guys.
P.S. When it shuts down the power button stays lit up untill I hold it pressed in a for a few seconds.

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dude...are you serious?

by jeremyneedle In reply to Computer Turns Off

"The power supply fan hasn't worked for a long time but the power supply does not get hot or anything"

NO. This is bad. **** yes get a new power supply. Power supplies and Hard Drives, because of the heat and constant motion, are usually the first components to fail. Hence most manufacturers sell servers w/ raids and redundant power supplies.

Even if it doesn't -seem- hot, a broken fan in a power supply is a bad idea, and yes, should be replaced

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by CcPunk28 In reply to dude...are you serious?

hehe ok thanks man. The only reason I thought it not feeling hot was ok is because on my old computer the same thing happened but the power supply felt really hot. Thanks again

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by dan.cox In reply to dude...are you serious?

He is right. Get that power supply replaced ASAP!
Then once that is fixed, check the system board.
Look at the capacitors to ensure they are not bulging. If they are this will definatly cause a system to just shut down in the manner you describe.

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by CcPunk28 In reply to Capacitors

Ok sounds like a plan. I have 2 questions for ya though. How do I Look at the capacitors to ensure they are not bulging? And can I use any ol power supply from say.. my mothers computer? :)

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Open the case.

by dan.cox In reply to Alright

Just open your case and have a look at them.
If the top is flat you are ok.
If it is bulging or looks like it is under pressure than, the system board needs to be replaced.

For the power supply, you will want to replace with the same type.
Read the label on the one you have now.
It should show the power ratings. Get one with the same details.
For example, if it is 450Watts or 250Watts. This needs to be the same for the new one as the old one.

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