computer turns on randomly?

By tardbag135 ·
its a custom built puter.... gigabyte EG45M-DS2H is the mobo.

but what my issue is i have issues with it turning itself on in the middle of the night.

i recently switched from windows XP to windowws 7. but it has happened with both OSs.

i ran a test....

when my mp3 player is plugged in charging while the computer is off, (it keeps USB powered while system is off for charging) sometime while im sleeping it turns on. when it is unplugged, this doesnt happen.

WHY? and how do i fix it?

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Have you checked your BIOS for boot by USB?

by wanttocancel In reply to computer turns on randoml ...

Check and make sure that this setting is enabled for you make any changes. If so that might be your culprit. You can boot the system via a UBS port and maybe your MP3 player is somehow sending a message to boot the system.

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yea its enabled

by tardbag135 In reply to Have you checked your BIO ...

yea USB boot option is enabled.

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And if the above is of no use

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to computer turns on randoml ...

You need to understand how ATX Power Supplies work. They are on all of the time well the low voltages are at lest and when there is a Ripple on the 5 V DC Rail the PS Turns on and runs the system.

This happens when you push the On Switch. What I think i happening here is that when the MP3 is charged it turns off and the Ripple on the 5 V DC Line is being interpreted as the signal to switch on by the PS.

Ideally you shouldn't leave devices like this plugged in to charge while the system is off as the Voltage may be present but the current isn't. So you are overtaxing the PS by doing this and causing the problem.


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another question...?

by tardbag135 In reply to And if the above is of no ...

yes i understand how the PSU works considering the USB has a constant on 5V power line going to it. but just yesterday, my ipod and everything was unplugged...and it came on out of nowhere. now whats happening?

also, would it matter if my computer is in Standby versus Shut Down? i always leave it in standby so i can get right back to where i was when i come back to it.

thnaks for the help.

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No LAN connected

by tardbag135 In reply to Standby?

Right now my computer is far away from my router and I don't have any LAN ports in my room to connect to. Otherwise I probably woildve considerred wake on LAN as a possibilty. I'm not sure if it also goes for "wake on wifi" by tmot totally sure yet..

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It might be a Wake on LAN issue

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to No LAN connected

If you have a working WiFi Access point and this system is connected to it.

Don't forget WiFi is still a LAN and the router/WiFi Access Point has 2 way communication with the computer. The Router has to regularly Handshake with the computer to keep a valid connection and while it wouldn't be my first place to look it may still be part of the problem here.


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bios settings are correct

by tardbag135 In reply to It might be a Wake on LAN ...

The bios has wake on LAN, on ping, and via KB/M - ALL disabled.

However although these are disabled, I ran some more tests. (to help you guys diagnose my problem)

Remember, all those setings are disabled.

Out of totalrandomness, I started pressing random keys on the keyboard. Tower started back up.

Clicking and scrolling the mouse in the same situation -- trned back on.

Make note I have a totally wireless keyboard and maouse combo. no physical wired connectins only simply by a usb receiver.

As you have stated before, not to leewve devices plugged In to USB while off. So I unplugged my iPod from the computer yesterdsay. At around 1045, I woke up to the sound of an active hard drive..... yes it turned on....again.

While the iPod was unplugged, something else wasn't ---- the iTunes sync cable. It was plugged into the front USB but no iPod connected. So then I ran another unplugging the cable.


I'm very good at what I do with computers, especially wih troubleshootig. But this just puzzles me. If you need any more details, just ask.

Thanks again for the help!

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Nice icon

by tardbag135 In reply to It might be a Wake on LAN ...

I like the smiley face throwing windows out the "window" how creative!

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Yes I like it too

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Nice icon

I've been using it ever since I tried to throw a computer into a swimming pool to get away from it. Only problem was that the customer didn't have a lone enough extension lead so that the unit would be powered on when it hit the water. :)

That was back in the days of SP1 for XP and every time I applied it to that particular machine the Partition Information of the Boot Drive was wiped so on the reboot after finishing installing the Service Pack the system failed to do anything.

Not bad for what was supposed to be a 15 minute job on a Sunday that just didn't quite turn out as expected. The fact that I wasn't getting paid for it either didn't help at all.

OH are you still having issues with this as I didn't see anything new mentioned recently?


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