Computer unplugged and the green LED light Blinks rapidly

By gib3211 ·
I have had a Compaq desktop computer now for four years now. There has been no problems with it until I unplugged it and moved back home from school. When I plugged it back in at home, the LED button in the front and back began blinking rapidly and I could hear a ticking sound. It would not let me turn it on. I fixed it by opening up the computer and and I disconnected all the power cable connecters from their connectors on the motherboard and from the back of internal devices. After plugging them back in, it began to work. There were no problems until I unplugged it again about three months later for only about 30 minutes. I tried doing the same thing I did last time but the light still blinks and ticks. I notice that when I unplug the big plug that is connected to the motherboard the green LED light goes from blinking to solid. When I plug the it back in it begins blinking and ticking again. Does anyone know what is wrong and how this problem can be fixed???

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Sounds like...

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it could either be the power supply not giving enough power or the hard drive going bad. Do you have any spare parts anywhere.

Also, I hope you are not unplugging and plugging in connectors while the power is on. You will surely fry something.

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You have a short in your power supply.

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There is a capacitor not discharging properly.


Replace it. Contact Compaq/HP or an A+ certified computer repair professional in your area. Capacitors are extremely dangerous, and the fact that you do not know that the symptoms you're seeing have to do with a capacitor mean that you should not try to do the repair yourself.

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