computer will not boot

By dwyone4 ·
need to know what i can do if a cpu does this:

the problem is, that i have to plug and unplug the keyboard from the port over and over again until i can boot up and see that the keyboard is recognized by the cpu.
the cpu will not just start up without a keyboard or mouse attatched like normal computers do.
i know that if any working computer have nothing attatched to any port exept the monitor the computer will still boot and you will get the message no keyboard or mouse found.
still, the computer should boot and if i have a usb keyboard attatched once the computer boots and finds the usb port upon going to windows, the program will find the p/p hardware.

also, the computer will not restart like a regular computer. it won't just cut off and cut right back on.
once it has gotton out of windows the monitor just goes blank and the power stays on and nothing else happens.

who can solve this great mistery

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First step to solving this mystery ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to computer will not boot

Is to remove the 'computer' from the mystery -

What make and model of computer are you mysteriously describing to us?

What operating system is running on this unnamed computer?

What is "the p/p hardware" that you mentioned?

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Failure of Motherboard

by mjd420nova In reply to computer will not boot

There is a chip on the motherboard that is used to interface the keyboard and mouse to the CPU. Its failure could cause the fault you're seeing. Unfortunately the cure is to replace the motherboard.

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Disable reporting keyboard errors in BIOS.

by 1bn0 In reply to computer will not boot

Sounds like the PS2 ports on the mother board are going / almost gone.

If you can enter the BIOS settings you should be able to change a setting called " Halt on Errors" or something similar. This is usually set to All but keyboard for a desktop and usually to NONE or all but disk for a server with no keyboard or mouse attached.

If you can change the setting to NONE and attach a USB keyboard, you may be able to continue using your computer for quite sometime.

I ran one system using a USB to PS2 adapter this way for almost a year before upgrading the motherboard.

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