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Computer will not boot.

By FrenchFries290 ·
I am troubleshooting a Compaq Presario 5000 desktop. When I turn the computer "ON", it will sometimes get to the Compaq logo, on other booting efforts the screen is dark. When the Compaq logo does appear the computer is locked up. It cannot be restarted with a soft boot. I have installed the following good devices: A hard drive, a video card, a power supply, a RAM memory module, and I have reset the BIOS. This leaves only the system board as the culpret. Does anyone have a suggestion for correcting this problem?


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by valis In reply to Computer will not boot.

make sure that the cpu has it's heatsink on securely and the fan is plugged in and spinning.

i've seen that a couple of times, usually due to the above problem

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by FrenchFries290 In reply to

Thanks very much for your answer. I have been able to reboot my computer about 10 times after I followed your suggestion.


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by Oz_Media In reply to Computer will not boot.

Remove the network card, I've seen a faulty NIC halt the boot on Compaq's and HP's.

You didn't mention your operating system, do you have the correct amount of RAM for your MOBO, too much may cause the problem, as TheChas says (and he is almost ALWAYS right) more than 384 on Win 98 and you'll have probs.

Are you getting power at the mobo or at your devices?

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by FrenchFries290 In reply to Computer will not boot.

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