Computer will not boot after i change hard drive.

By magicmissick ·
I have a computer that was running windows vista. I replaced the hard drive with one that was in another computer that the power supply failed on. This other one has windows 7 operating system installed but it wouldn't boot. The hard drive was fine before the power supply failed. It begins to boot then ask if i want to run windows repair. I select the repair option but it still won't boot. What could the problem be?

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What you are describing is perfectly normal

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Computer will not boot af ...

As the Hard Drive came from a different computer it was initially installed on different hardware and when it now comes to boot it no longer has the hardware that is was initially installed on so it can not boot. You need to reinstall Windows 7 so it will work with the new hardware.


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How to Fix a PC Which Won't Boot

by maria12-12-1992 In reply to Computer will not boot af ...

Following is the link to your Question, Please visit it for your query. I hope this will help you.'t-Boot


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