Computer will not Boot after installing new RAM

By Commander647 ·
So I recently got some new RAM by going to the website and using their scanner then going to the store and getting that RAM.

That link shows most system info.

The problem is that after I put it in, the computer won't boot up. But if I put in the old RAM it will.

Power Supply is not the problem.

Any help would be appreciated on the solution.

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So what type of RAM did you end up buying?

by OH Smeg In reply to Computer will not Boot af ...

Also what is the Make & Model of the M'Board or if this is a off the Shelf System the computer?

What you are describing is either Incompatible RAM fitted or in the case of 4 RAM Modules being used the Wrong Speed RAM.

You need to fit the correct type of RAM to the M'Board for it to work so we need to know what the M'Board actually is.


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One on website

by Commander647 In reply to So what type of RAM did y ...

The one I bought is the 6400 from the website that I linked.

DDR2 PC2-6400

Not sure on the motherboard make, but my computer is an Acer Desktop M5630

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OK that should work

by OH Smeg In reply to One on website

So assuming that is what you ordered have you looked at the Label's on the Actual RAM to check to see if that is what you got?

Also how many Integrated Circuits are on the new RAM Modules? It is possible that someone supplied you with High Density RAM when you need Low Density. So if there are little Black Rectangles soldered to Both Sides of the RAM Module you have Low Density. But if your RAM Modules only have them soldered to one side you have High Density and they would be unlikely to work with that system.


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try proper installation

by Beginner9 In reply to Computer will not Boot af ...


If you had bought the ram from crucial or EXACTLY the SAME rams shown in the website It should work bcoz crucial scans ur PC and gives you a compatiable ram to upgrade.

1) Check the Ram compatiablity which is suggested on the

2)check the Ram was installed properly and check all the connections are fine.

3)check for bios settings change it to default mode.

these 3 options should work. lemme know

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re: try proper installation

by Commander647 In reply to try proper installation

1. I have the exact same RAM from the website, two identical ones

2. Its correctly installed

3. where can I can bios settings

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The BIOS settings are in BIOS

by seanferd In reply to re: try proper installati ...

When your computer boots, watch for the message that tells you which key to press to enter BIOS setup, or consult documentation for the proper key.

Look for the appropriate "memory" or RAM" menu.

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I think ram is not compatible

by angilina In reply to Computer will not Boot af ...

I am not sure but I think that you got the wrong Ram. If you go here

or here,acer-aspire-m5630,specs.aspx

You will see that the supported ram that is mentioned is: PC2-5300/DDR2-667 that have the data rate of 667Mhz.

Where the Ram you got is C2-8500/DDR2-1066

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Call them...

by C F USA In reply to Computer will not Boot af ...

Toll-free for US & Canada

I have been dealing with Crucial for many years. One thing I love about the company is that if they say it will work, they guarantee they will make it happen. Call them, give them your order number (on the invoice) and the part number. Have the memory with you and be in front of the PC. They offer GREAT service and are there to help you better than I or anyone else on this forum can.

If its bad RAM, they will replace it, if its wrong RAM and you went through their scan tool, they will replace it.

Give them a call and let us know the results


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