Computer Will Not Boot! Please Help!

By nicolasqueen ·
I recently formatted and reinstalled Windows to my computer, a Pentium 4 2.3ghz system. Before a reboot I installed Nvidia drivers and installed my HP printer. During the install of my printer it had a conflict with my external hard drive. I turned off the external hard drive and finished the install and went to reboot. Right before the reboot an error message with a red X symbol came up and counted down to 30 seconds to turn off. Once it turned off I went to reboot and it would not boot. I hear no POST beeps, the fans turn on and s forth but nothing happens. Nothing comes up on my monitor either. I have tried both my PCI video card (the aforementioned Nvidia card) and my Intel video card that is built in. I really need this computer to work for school and cannot afford costly repair bills currently. All help will be greatly appreciated!

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It would have helped if you remembered what the Error Message Was

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Computer Will Not Boot! P ...

But as you are not getting anything now you obviously have a hardware problem so reduce the system to the bare minimum remove everything unnecessary and just leave in the M'Board CPU & Heat Sink, and no RAM and see if you get any Beeps. If not replace the Power Supply with a known good one and try again. If nothing happens then you either have a faulty M'Board or CPU and unless you've overclocked the CPU I would be betting that it's the M'Board at fault.

If you get a series of Beeps without any RAM Installed Fit 1 Stick and try again. If this works shut down unplug and add another RAM Stick if you have more than one and try again. If it now works enter BIOS make sure that everything there is right then start adding one piece at a time till it either stops or you have the system fully assembled.

If it then fails to load Windows you'll most likely need to wipe the HDD and perform a clean install and then proceed to install one device at a time and reboot till you have everything installed. Then install a AV Product Update It and then only after this is done log onto the Windows Update Site and start applying the available Windows Updates.

If you need a wiping utility which writes zero's to every sector of the HDD so that it destroys anything already on the drive you can download Boot & Nuke from here


Lets know how you get on.


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