Computer will not power up.

By gmpotent ·
I have a computer that just went through a slight move and may have been through a few shakes and minor bumps along the way.

The computer will not power up. I can plug it in and once I switch the power supply to on the motherboard light lights up indicating to me that it is recieving power however the switch does nothing. I have unhooked the switch and tried jump starting the computer by using the two naked wires and a screw driver to see if i could bring it to life but with no success. I have also pulled out the CMOS battery on the motherboard and had no luck after that as well. What should be my next step in diagnosis or what is this indicating?

Any help will be greatly appreciated. The computer is about 2years old excluding the primary hard drive that is probably around 4 years old.

No fans or anything will turn on. The only thing that lights up is the motherboards LED which to me means it shouldnt be the power supply although I'm no expert. PLEASE HELP!!

...Well I have gone over all of the wires and hardware and everything seems to be seated well. I have asked this to other message boards as well and I seem to get two main responses either the motherboard or the PSU need to be replaced, but I have yet to here an explanation why one over the other.

there also does not appear to be any burn marks or anything like that on the motherboard. The only odd thing I noticed was a couple weeks before the move the date and time on the computer were off by a few months days hours and minutes, but everything appeared to have worked fine after. No warnings of any kind in windows xp pro ever. Just stopped working after the move.

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by jamesatmaisonverre In reply to Computer will not power u ...

I think you damaged the motherboard

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by gmpotent In reply to motherboard

what leads you to believe that it is the motherboard and not the power supply?

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First things First

by w2ktechman In reply to Computer will not power u ...

The jostling may have unplugged or partially unplugged some devices. Open it up and make sure that everything is plugged in properly. Remove and re-insert the RAM as well as everything in a card slot.
After making sure that everything is connected properly, turn it on and check again.

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Check the power supply

by mjd420nova In reply to Computer will not power u ...

If you get the lights, but nothing else, it sounds like the power supply has failed. Check the 12 volt supply, as it runs the hard drives and fans.

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power supply and motherboard

by gmpotent In reply to Check the power supply

ok I will recheck all of these connections. I would hate to assume it was the motherboard without being able to pinpoint it being the motherboard. Are there any identifiable features to the motherboard being damaged aside from the obvious transistor being broken off? Everything appears ok in this aspect.

The fans do not turn on and it makes no attempt at all to power up. In the mean time I will see if i can find another power supply to try.

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Get or borrow a power supply tester

by noelrd In reply to Computer will not power u ...

I have had a similar experience. I used a power supply tester to find that the PS was marginal. But you MUST use the correct tester and don't just pull wires. The power supply needs to have a correct load and may be damaged by running it unloaded. Usually, modern motherboards have sensing circuitry that will shut down the PS to prevent further damage. I would also reseat the memory and the various cards, etc. as previously stated, but it is probably a bad PS.

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by paulb23 In reply to Computer will not power u ...

LED on the motherboard indicates that it is recving power from the PSU. The motherboard has an issue. My nephew went out and bought a brand new power supply only to have his computer react the exact same. Have your motherboard tested or swapped.

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