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Computer will not power up

By wrkidd ·
This is my first post at TechRepublic. If it doesn't belong here, my apologies. Any suggestions where to seek help would be appreciated.
I built my first computer last week and successfully loaded the OS (WinXP Pro) and my applications. It ran fine for several days and then one morning I found it powered off. It would not turn on until I made several attempts, between using the front panel power button and the ATX power switch. When I turn on the ATX power switch, the power LED on the motherboard lights up. Over night it powered off again and will not power on at all. I still get a green LED on the motherboard indicating power. Any ideas on how I can trouble shoot this problem? If it is the front panel power button how can I work around that? Thanks.

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May be CMOS thermal protection setting

by stress junkie In reply to Computer will not power u ...

I had a computer where the CMOS thermal protection settings were way too low. The motherboard would give overheating warnings to the OS when the machine played games for any length of time. It turned out that the CMOS settings for the CPU thermal protection circuit were set to about 125 degrees F. I boosted the setting to 185 degrees F. The CPU was rated to run at a maximum temperature of 195 degrees F so I knew that 185 degrees would be okay. Since then there have been no problems with the motherboard warning of an overheating CPU.

You can check and change the settings on your motherboard for this. When the computer is first powered on you (usually) press the delete key while the motherboard is checking the memory. This should cause the motherboard to show you a menu for various settings. You will have to read your user manual for the motherboard to find out how to access the thermal protection menu. If the settings are too low you can raise them.

Another problem could be that the CPU is really getting too hot. You may have selected a poor CPU cooler or you may have installed the CPU cooler badly. For instance when I buy a CPU cooler, if it already has that thermal pad on it, I scrape that off and always use Arctic Silver thermal compound.

You should read a few web sites dedicated to hardware configuration. Here are some of my favorites.

I hope this helps. :)

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since you mentioned it

by master3bs In reply to Computer will not power u ...

The Q/A side of this website is better suited for this. It's not really a discussion, its a tech question. You're more likely to get complete sound advice over there. If you do post there, be sure to rate any answers. The url is

Since I'm replying, one of the first things to try is a different power supply. I wouldn't buy one at first if you can find a spare ATX to test it out with.

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