Computer will not power up

By SSGSnuffy ·
I have had this computer for 2 years. I replaced the 120 mm fan in the back of the case. The original fan's power cord looks spliced into another cable, so I left it alone. I plugged the new fan into a 12V supply connection listed in the motherboard owner's manual. When I went to turn the computer on, there was no response at all.

I have changed outlets, checked for loose cables, and verified that the motherboard is getting power via the light.

The only idea that I have is that the power button itsef may have come loose. I cannot access that part of the case because the case is riveted in many areas.

Just to be reiterate, when I press the power button, there is no response whatsoever. No fans, lights, nothing.

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Not even a blink?

by oldbaritone In reply to Computer will not power u ...

Nothing at all, or a quick blink and shutdown?
They're different symptoms.

Just for grins, unplug it, remove the cmos battery, and let it sit for 1/2 hour or so. Then put it back together and try again. Maybe something is hung in an unknown state and a full power-down may help.

If that doesn't do it, I'd start by unplugging peripherals and see if you can get it to start. Begin with the fan you just installed, and see if the system will power up without it.

Next, I'd try plugging the old fan back into wherever it was, and try power up again.

BTW, if the system starts powering up, I'd suggest going into Setup and setting the Power Restored option to "ON" in APM. That way, you won't need the power button to continue working on the system. Once everything is working, set it back to "Off" or whatever you want.

If unplug all peripherals besides the motherboard and it still doesn't power up, look to the power supply or switch and wiring. If unplugging something allows the system to start, you'll know which component is suspect.

And of course, the Power Supply itself is also suspect.

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not even a blink

by SSGSnuffy In reply to Not even a blink?

Nothing at all. It is as if I did not do anything when I press the power button. I have tried again with both, the original and the new fan - neither works. I have a pretty basic computer. 2 sticks of ram, a video card, and a printer set up on this computer. I have pulled it all out and still nothing. I am trying the cmos battery now.

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Power Supplies

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Computer will not power u ...

Have 3 Voltage Rails. The lowest powers the LED's and so forth but if any one is missing or under current the system will not work.

So if there is a LED illuminated on the M'Board it means only that the 3 V DC Rail has some power but in no way implies that the Power Supply is functional.

I would suggest replacing the PS at this point but a few questions first.

Why did you replace the Fan?

What did you do with the old fan?

Most Case Fans should get plugged into the Power Supply Plugs not the M'Board particularly the bigger ones as they draw too much power.


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